Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Pretty Little Secret


(Deep breath.) 

Where do I start?

I've been keeping something from you guys and it's been gnawing at my soul.  It's a good something.  Definitely not a baby something but a pretty little secret nonetheless.

Her name is Tillie.

 And we love her already.

About a month ago I was looking on Craigslist for musicians who might want to play crappy 90s love songs with me in their garage on dusty futons.

I didn't find any of those so I clickety clicked on over to the "Pets" section just for a look-see.

Yep.  I did that.  Felt like a giant neon WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU DOING sign was blinking hot red above my head but my husband didn't see it.  He was snoring.  Thankfully, so was Sadie.  Afterall, I was just looking. 
And reading this while sobbing into my nightshirt:

And filling out an application for Tillie an hour later here:

So now you know.
I feel lots better coming clean.  You deserve to know the truth.  Especially when she's such a pretty little truth, isn't she?

It was a long month, you guys.  It took weeks and weeks of email stalking to figure out a.) Lease  b.) Sadie c.) Husband but all ended well and here we sit, good friends with Easter eggs to find.

Tillie is a beautifully onyx wiggly girl made of head leans (hugs) and sweet puppy breath kisses.  She is a blessing for us and for Sadie who has come out from her bathtub to chase squirrels in our backyard on more than one occasion.


The incredible care Tillie received from her foster mom and volunteers through her harrowing birthing story and subsequent hip surgeries is evident in her sweet demeanor and kind eyes.


She trusts every person she comes across.  She barks and pulls at the leash to go toward every dog at the park.  Tillie is the most outgoing girl I've met in a while.  She and Sadie complement each other very well.

Pepper to Sadie's salt.

(Tillie has quite a lot of healing left to go but she gets around well for just being out of surgery a few weeks ago.  She won't ever be able to run her legs off like a typical lab.  Her hind legs are a bit wobbly and weaker compared to her front but she is getting stronger by the day.  Our stairs still intimidate her sometimes but Sadie is cool with owning the second floor of the house for now.  Tillie is a resilient and strong little force of will and a pleasure to love on and spoil rotten.)

I must say how proud I am of the way our Queen Sadie has handled a newcomer.  She makes no apologies for her alpha rank but she also shares space more willingly than I thought she might.  Sadie's chest is puffier and head held higher in reverence (to herself) but her tail is feathered up and her legs definitely prancy as she tries to keep up with the new three year old.

I think she's happy we have Tillie now too.

Tillie was mopey and obviously sad about missing her family that it broke my heart for the first two days.  We distracted her with playtime and hugs but there was no mistake she was confused and sad.  I felt like a world class dog nabber; the transitioning was palpable and quite painful for everyone.


By the weekend, however, things started to gel for all of us and Tillie seems more relaxed and less depressed, wouldn't you say?

What's your pretty little secret you've been keeping?

Do you need me to dog sit for you?


I just found this in my saved email box and had to share.  It's from me to my unsuspecting at work husband:

Tillie needs a forever home.  She has had a rough life until now.  Go see her 
before you say no.

And then this one:
Omgoodness, i want to meet her.  

What do u think?  

No more adopting baby talk ever, just Tippies and Tillie :)


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Anonymous said...

Where are the emails back to you from husband? You left those out accidentally :) This post is just the nicest tribute to both pup and foster home. She fits like a glove in her new one, and she's gorgeous with gorgeous eyes. Can't wait to meet her. <3 <3

JRitz said...

Welcome Tillie. She is adorable and glad to hear Queen Sadie is adjusting to a new sibling:)

OSMA said...

Anony- husband never said yes....but he never said no.

JRitz - you would not be able to get over how great they are together, never saw that coming. really worried the queen would feel threatened and cast off her subjects, but alas, we are pardoned and dar I say enjoyed?

OSMA said...