Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Stuffin' Mommy

We were on a mission to find Grayson a new red pillow today.

Our mission was aborted on our way to the second Target (first one fresh out of red pillows) because kids fell fast asleep in the car.

Silly me thought that meant we should circle back home and institute a nap day.  I try one every 23 days or so.

Silly, silly me.

After about 45 minutes of incoherent angry child warbling and less coherent PO'd bed linen shuffling, zero naps were being had.

In fact, I think both of them were a little sweaty in their efforts to not nap.

Finally I hear Abby say something to Grayson through the wall:
Gwayson?  What are you doing?  I'm makin' a stuffin' mommy.  Did you hear me?  Can you peas answer me?  I'm makin' a stuffin' mommy.  What are you doing, Gwayson?

The curiosity was too compelling.  Grayson and I met each other in the hallway.  We had to know.

Just in the knick of time, if you ask me.


A Stuffin' Mommy!

She looks a bit deflated and droopy like the real one, doesn't she?

Abby might need to revisit her design but I quite enjoy the concept.

Stuffin' Mommy is undergoing a facelift in the backyard as we speak wherein Grayson and Abby are searching for twigs, branches, and I think she said pollen.  Where they're going to put those concerns me so I will sign off for now.

More pics to follow....!


Here's where the Stuffin' Mommy ended up.

Tillie was hoping I knew how to put it back together again so she could have a giant stuffy all to herself.

Her wish came true.  It's back in pillow form and sitting on her bed, next to her other "babies."

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