Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Andy has had a new schedule for a couple of weeks that allows him to study from home three days a week.

He doesn't study at home though.  Abby is often here.  Abby is often loud.  Our pantry is always here.  Our snacks in the pantry are always convincing.  And so on.

In light of these distractions, Andy's been going to the library all day to study in peace.

When he comes home we don't catch up much because the kids are excited to see him and I'm scrambling off upstairs to have a shower and a Kelly Clarkson concert.

Before tossing my clothes into the dirty laundry, I always empty my pockets and put the contents on top of our bureau.  Usually the contents are nothing more than a hair tie, a busted pen, and a receipt for hot chocolate.

Today, however, I had digits.  I chatted with some new parents, a married couple, during lunchroom duty at Grayson's school.  We wanted to continue our talk over email so the husband gave me his card (pictured below w/a zip drive over his name to protect his identity) with their email address on it.  Innocent enough.

Thinking nothing of it, I placed his card on the bureau. I put it right next to the snowman mug. 

When I came out, my card had a partner.

Look who else got digits today?  From a lady named Lisa who works in a place called Leisure Fitness.

Uh-huh.  The l-i-b-r-a-r-y, eh?

The quote on the card (that I got him for being extra patient lately) reads: 
Anything and everything, little or big
becomes an adventure
when the right person shares it.

Looks like I'd better step up my game.  He just might be shopping for a new "right person" with whom to "share it."

I see you, Lisa from Leisure Fitness.  And I raise your "Leisure Fitness" with some CrossFit like a woman scorned.  Because we all know a woman scorned is a woman with kickass obliques and killer calves.

And maybe even a husband who won't be spending all day at the l-i-b-r-a-r-y.


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