Friday, May 29, 2009


Being a verbose mom I cannot help but get tickled by those little kid verbal blunders that happen while they figure out the syntax of the English language. Hey, it's not an easy task but man is it a sweet and oftentimes funny one when I listen hard enough. Here's a couple of those kidisms from Grayson's today and yesterday that I can remember:

Counting: We were counting in a book and Grayson got to the teens (out of order but he got there!) and stopped briefly at sixteen realizing he didn't know what came next. Pausing to search his filing cabinet of numbers he blurts out, W-teen! I think a letter must've jumped into the number filing cabinet of his brain for a second. Ah, there's always Sesame Street to help sort these things out.

Middle Names: So we're outside playing tetherball and Sadie cannot keep from pouncing at the glory that is a tethered ball. Through our giggles at her attempts to catch this elusive blur I stopped to admonish her for playing (it would've ended up a deflated heap if she caught it). Grayson, who already has a love/hate with poor Sadie, jumped on the correctional bandwagon. He began hollering out, "Sadie James Sh-wigh-vah, NO! BAD DOG Sadie James Sh-wigh-va!" Sadie James Shriver...huh, and all this time I thought it was Maria.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

In honor of Wordless Wednesday (and in totally copying the interview format that Dooce's husband had with their canine a couple of days ago...visit that here I give you today's interview with Grayson (Abby and not Sadie). Bed head and PJs for us all.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sometimes I insert foot...

Exhibit A-
Grayson: You're not my best friend any more.

Me: Oh no, then who is?

Grayson: Daddy and Abby and not Sadie

Me: Well then Not-Sadie and I will have to pack our belongings, grab a Gatoraid and join the ranks of the Survivor cast on TV.

Grayson: And TV. He's my best friend too.

Exhibit B-
Husband: We do alright, we just need to eat smaller portions and more vegetables.

Me: I'm not fat now because I overeat. I'm fat because I had a baby and I overate then.

Exhibit C-

Grayson: Do you want to play with me?

Me: Yes I do but let me do these dishes, feed Sadie, and pick up the living room first.

Grayson: So you don't want to play with me.

Message Received: Work can wait.

Exhibit D-

Me: Oh Abigail, what is the problem child? I've tried the Exersaucer, the jumper, outside, inside, your play gym, your favorite beach towel. Why are you fussing so? What is it that you need?

Abigail: wears a big wide juicy grin the second I lift her into my arms.

I get it, I'm sorry, sometimes I suck.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some Things Stay the Same

This is our kitchen table and has been my kitchen table since the beginning of time. It is the very same one that once lived at 12607 Pentenville Road for over 35 years. It is a relic. This little piece of furniture holds decades of memories. It is where my mom and my uncle did their algebra homework and ate midnight snacks. It's where a 4 year old Erin and a 6 year old Eric ate Campbell's soup with big spoons after swimming at Robin Hood pool all afternoon. This is the very same table that now has claw marks all over it from Eric's dog, Radar and our dog, Sadie who both took to standing on it to look out the front window until their people came home. Since leaving Pentenville Road almost a decade ago, this piece of history has made several moves with me and in doing so has suffered like so many sturdy icons do. After its years of devotion and loyalty, we repayed her with a makeover. Andy sanded her down and gave her a fresh coat of stain and gloss until she winked at us from across the room- saucy little square. She should be packing up her leaves and running away to Raymour & Flanigans but the thought would never cross her mind. Poor thing has endured so many scratches and dings at the busy hands of Grayson that I am actually embarrassed to show her scarred nakedness to newcomers...friends understand. Unfortunately, she will have to wait a while longer for another makeover because I'm afraid a few more bumps and abrasions are on the way once Miss Abigail gets mobile.

I write today about this table because it symbolizes strength, peace, and sameness to me. It has weathered years of marriages, divorces, moves, and even some deaths. I will be taking our beloved kitchen table to yet another home when we move to Virginia in 8 weeks. It will be the one thing that has remained the same through all our series of changes along the way. I look forward to the day when Andy sands it down, washes its new belly and repaints it once again breathing new life into a very old but very dear friend. Some things can stay the same and I'm not going to pretend I don't love that.