Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gratuitous Grass Roll

Today is gym day which means I can't skip breakfast which means I can't post.  Yes, most days I skip breakfast so I can post on this blog.  It's sad and anti-productive and now you know, when you're reading a new post I am walking around with low blood-sugar levels and eying up the vending machines like they're filled with malted milk balls and Twix.  Wait, they are filled up with....See?  So dumb.

The other day when it wasn't winter week here in Virginia, the kids would not come inside.  I know, I should be saying it like, "The Darlings!  They so enjoy their outdoor sport and fitness!!"  But really I was quite befuddled because I had to start dinner and they were way out of visual that I couldn't both burn the tacos and still make sure Abby wasn't serving tea to her babies in the street.  The sidewalk was bad enough.

So I tucked the salsa back into the fridge door, and played outside too.  With my camera.  And the kids.  And the Tillie Topenga.  Sadie Lady was sitting pretty and far away - so over the years of photo shoots she has endured but I snagged a couple of her anyway.

Hope you enjoy, hope you ate your breakfast, and and now I'm off to snarf some protein which I really hope doesn't mean cold leftover pepperoni pizza by the time I get dressed and ready to go.  But it might.

These two have become quite chummy.

(The look that started it all...)

Mmmmm, sun on mah belly!

Sunglasses, have you seen my sunglasses?

aHA!  I eat you now!
I tries eat you but you sippery mean red string.
 Now I all mess up.
Mmmmm.  Sun on mah back.

Oh.  You still here, Food Lady?

Yes, yes.  I am the hungries.

And kinda seepy.

Do you has cookies?

 No?  Ok, I ask someone else, den.

Umm, eskew me, Sis?


I hear nothing.

Where IS my chariot?

Are you okay?  Did that puppy hurt you?

I no hurt.  I busy babysit.

I good dogga.


JRitz said...

Those were great but than again your pictures are always great. Looks like Tilly is fitting in quite well.

OSMA said...

JRitz- it's like you can read my mind bc I almost added a little aside about the poor pic taking lately. Using up my extra Nikon time with other things so am quite rusty. Thanks for saying they are not beetle dung. :)

Anonymous said...

Someone has found a nice home with yummy people in it. Pictures told a very happy...and sort of relaxed story here. <3 <3

OSMA said...

Aww, thanks Anonymom. The people are yummy b/c well, Abby is always covered in candy at least. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Momma...It's Lee> Awwwww! LOVE IT! Me lubs happy endings!

OSMA said...

Hi Lee, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, mama! I know how much u lub the happy endings too and make them happen often yourself. When our kids are grown we could start up a non-profit rescue in upstate NY and rescue as many as we can from kill shelters. Pipe dream? I think not.