Thursday, April 12, 2012

At the End of the Day

At the end of the day, I hang back a few minutes while Andy ushers the kids upstairs for a torturous affair bath time.

It's only ten minutes but enough time to hear everything in the background instead of the foreground; to sit next to an open window away from dishwasher noise and closer to the revving up of chirps and twills outside in their trees.

I take a few deep breaths and tune out the domestic side of me.

For a few minutes I am with the crickets, crows, and blue layered sky.  (It goes dark all before I'm ready.)

Lately, someone has been enjoying these slippery minutes with me.

She is very entertaining company.

Alert, super sweet, and still puppy drowsy.

Together Miss Tillie and I go to the end of our day with the moon in our eyes and the promise of snuggling up in the stars on our minds.

It's so good to be together.


ries said...

Seeing the pics of Tillie with her head on the stuffy going to sleep brought tears to my eyes. Her hard life is behind her.

JRitz said...

She is adorable! And very lucky to have found you guys.

Anonymous said...

"Mahogany Eyes,"is Tillie. Just beautiful. <2 <3

OSMA said...

ries - i'm sure it reminds you of someone special too. that is not lost on me. some days, when it's extra crazy around here, i wonder if she wishes for her old life back but then i see her roll down the hill of our backyard and i stop thinking so hard.

jritz - honestly, the luck is all ours. she is such an easy going girl that she has brought nothing but lotsa happy to our lives. and i love how she bakes herself under the sun. stays outside with us until she can hardly pant she's so sleepy. unlike her sadie highness who is partaking of crumpets and pinky tea in her tub.

anonymous - love it. they are mahogany aren't they? and only you would know how to spell that. xoxo