Friday, April 13, 2012

Moose Eggs

Growing up my uncle made us scrambled cheese with eggs. So much more cheese than egg that we knew the Food Police would surely cuff him to Jane Fonda and make him do thirty laps around our Slip N Slide.

It was liberating to eat so much gooey cheese for breakfast that we needed an equally unlawful name for such an infraction.

We called them Moose Eggs.  Figured nobody would go around eating the egg of a moose so what could be naughtier? 

Now, twenty okay whatever thirty years later (when we have time and coffee) I make them for my kids.

And it brings me right back to that eraser pink rotary dial telephone and teacup wallpaper in our 60s kitchen so many years ago.

In honor of great memories, I give you.....Morning Moose Eggs (Click here.)

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