Picture This

Here's where I'm gonna post a few pictures that catch my fancy for one reason or another.  Hope you like!

April 25, 2012
Don't even know why I love this picture other than it was Tillie's first bath and our first legit relaxed afternoon this year.  Why do we spin so fast on our axis so?

February 9, 2012  - 70 in Dog Years

February 3 - Winter

October 14 -   Grayson's Best Friend - They don't have class together anymore so we try to get them together for playdates often.  I will never forget this sweet little friend of my son's even when we have moved away and the boys probably (and unfortunately) will ultimately grow apart.  A little boy's first best friend is just not something a mother ever forgets.

October 5 -  The Last Jump of Summer

August 31 - Life from Abby's Point of View

August 9  Ballet is on our horizon.  Halp!

August 1  Grayson's First Stage Performance

Here, G was performing with the rest of his classmates at VBS this summer.  He didn't know a soul going in but came out a brave, mature, and curious little man because of it.  He's the one in the green shirt and the pan face.  Dear baby, did every single dance move 100% right with that little no nonsense face.  Now I totally know what my husband must've been like when he was little.

July 26  Chocolate Girl and Vanilla Boy

July something?

Is there anything better than a green lawn hose on a hot July day?


He doesn't think so.

July 6  Reminds me of my Grandmother (Boompa)

June 14- Babies Singing for Their Supper

One week later:  Tweens Sleeping Away the Afternoon

June 2 -  My Abbies and Her "Garden"

May 18 - Reintegrating

April 7- April Flowers Bring....May :)

March 31 - Company of Two

March 25 - Artists at Work - Just a really great memory for a mom.

Feb 28  Day at the Park

Feb 27    All Done - Look!  The laundry does actually fold itself if you leave it in the laundry basket long enough.  Okay, more like compact itself like banana rinds and coffee filters but at least it's flat.

Feb 9   Toy Story 4 -  Until the Bag Tears

Feb 3 - I like this one because it shows innocence in various stages.  Grayson with his sippy cup.  Uncle Matt with his tabula rasa just starting college.  Both beautiful in their separate ways.

Jan 30  - The bad news?  I actually bought that hat. 

Jan 18 - I like to call this one, UH OH  
(Looking through archives tonight for no reason in particular and came across this goodie.  That little blue bundle is Grayson five minutes after he was born.  My mouth is smiling but my eyebrows are the real giveaway here, don't u think?)

Jan 17  - Loophole

Jan ?? 2011 (It's a Monday):  Someone's Treasure Trove OverFloweth

Jan 02, 2011  I swear she can talk.

Dec. 30 -  Winter's Brew

Dec 15  - Home Base

December 7   - My kid can tear out your kid's jugular.

December 4 - Doesn't everyone pose with their kitchen appliances?

November 17 - Contractor

November 8  - The Pond People

 November 4 -  I love that it's a little tilted.  We are a little tilted so it fits.

October 4 -  Gonnna have to discontinue this page until I figure out what the heck blogspot did with the load picture option.  Can't seem to figure out how to upload pics from this page.  Sorry guys, I'll keep trying.

September ?  Wed. -  Eskimos
 Sometimes I just can't get over this one.  I stare at it for hours wondering if I should've taken the time to fix Abby's hair.  I'm glad I didn't.  It's all her.  It's all them.  My Eskimos.

September 21 -  The Wedding Crasher.  Guess I was afraid to muss the beautiful bride by actually touching her.  Looks like the stalkish lean wasn't working out for me either.  Ah well, focus on the dashing groom (my neighborhood friend from Days of Yore) and his gorgeous bride.

September 15 - Little SAHM

September 14 -  Girls & Dolls

September 9 -  Weeping Red & White Stripes

September 3 -  My husband pointed out the upside down reflection of Pop & Grayson (fishing on the dock) inside the wine.  Can you see them?

I bet you can see them now....

Cool party trick, eh??

September 2 - Smile : )

September 1 - 30% Chance of Thundershowers

August 20 -  Aside from his absolute celery skin tone (poor lighting, he's actually sporting a tan this summer), this is the face, marshmallow stuck to lip and all, I will see when he is on the alter getting married some day.  Help.

August 17 - The kids saying goodbye to Daddy as he left for a week away.  It's mostly Grayson's curved hand around his neck that does me in but Abby's tiny hand clutching his shoulder isn't helping matters.  We love the Daddy.

August 16 -  Can you see him hiding?

 How about now?

July 30- Stolen Kiss

July 29 - What happens in Time Out stays in Time Out.

July 27 - Abby Waits

July 26- Grayson's Last Swim Lesson

and his face is in the water - yahoooo, success!!  Mr. Chris is amazingly patient and determined because Grayson gave him great arguments daily.  Mr. Chris 1, Negotiating Toddler - 0 but they both win for perseverance.

July 22-

I know, you just saw this but can't you just smell his heavenly little baby breath?  Ian, you owned my heart for a day.  Something tells me I won't be the first one to fall, or the last. 

July 20 -   He feels the need.  The need for speed.