Thursday, April 19, 2012

Holy Smurf!

This happened in the sixty seconds it took me to leave a voicemail on the phone.

Sixty seconds and Abby had already smurfed herself.

At least it was only permanent marker and not Mommy's Purple Rain nail polish or Daddy's sport's cream.

She is light blue three days later but nobody at her preschool even noticed.

They are all tiny (light blue) people from the same Smurf village.


JRitz said...

That is priceless:)

OSMA said...

Thanks, JRitz!

Andy just saw this and said, "What is up with Abby?"

Oh the many things the office parent misses.

Anonymous said...

At least you ran for the camera before the washcloth. <3 <3 So great.

OSMA said...

Anony - always. :)