Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Be Not Small


As 2014 points its fireworks at us, I can't help but shield myself from any New Year's Resolutions.  How about you?  I just don't like them because I will never remember that I've made them.  I can barely remember I have tea steeping to the point of asphalt most of the time. 

In lieu of New Year's Resolutions, I made a list of self truths to pass on to my kids in case I perish in a freak kennel accident.  How's that for fresh-faced optimism?

Dear My Kids:
  • Know your worth.  You mean more than any self-doubt, craving, ego, depression, or apathy.  You're no accident, sweetheart.  Many things conspired to see you got here safely.  Honor your life by appreciating your worth.
  • Be not small.  Feel pride, not shame, of your skills, desires, and passions.  Move forward with them enthusiastically.  You may be humble but not small.  Only you can give the world your piece of its puzzle.  Walk tall knowing you have nothing to quiet along the way.  Your friends will support you and your doubters will be your guidepost that you've almost arrived. 

  • Believe in the power of restorative sleep.
  • Trust your instinct, I believe it's God talking.
  • Look for miracles.  They are playful and divine.

  • Study the things you don't understand.

  • Try hard not to get hooked on caffeine, it does weird things to your body that will cause undue concern.  Chocolate's ok in moderation.  Peppermint patties are medicinal.
  • Fight fairly, not passive aggressively, and clear the air quickly.  You are not a doormat for explosions, nor are you an explosion for a doormat.   
  • Listen, really listen, to your friends.  This will mean the world to you both for years to come.

  • Hike whenever you can with friends or family.  Bring your dog. 
  • Nap in the sun

  • Screw around often throughout the day, no matter what your dad says.  He's a Marine, they revolt against silly but need it even more than you.  It's those moments that will mold you, not your well-made bed.  But don't make the man crazy, please still make your bed.   
  • Be kind and patient with your parents as they age.  They still love you more than they love themselves.  Way more. 

  • You both already have a lot of friends and that's good.  Remember to say no to more things than you say yes to. 
  • Know you do not need to give a reason as to why you can't make an event.  Even if the reason is that you'd rather stay in your pjs all day and watch Rodeo Girls.  It was an invitation, not a test of friendship.
  • Skip empty carbs when you grow up.  Believe me when I say it bogs down your brain. 
  • Feed your body the things earth gives you, not science.
  • Try healing yourselves with the things earth gives you first, then science.  However, Grayson you will probably still need to travel with ibuprofen for your migraines and Abby when she's about...oh...twelve on up.

Sensory Bliss - Know how to heal yourself when the world overwhelms you.
Hormones are no joke in this family.

  • Drink more water than you think is necessary. Throw lemon in there when you feel a cold coming on.
  • Risk and opportunity are vastly different.  Learn the difference early on.
  • Treasure homemade gifts.  Someone was thinking of you from start to finish.


  • Never take anyone's affection for granted.  Even if it's coming from unexpected places.  Yes, even that funny boy sending you personalized comic strips during Philosophy to keep you awake.  Especially him.
  • Try not to confuse attention with affection.  People show their affection in many ways other than the one way you want it.
  • Help your fellowman and fellow animals.  We have no reason to feel more important than other creatures that feel.  If you do feel more important, that's your ego talking, not your heart.

  • When you're not sure about something, make a quick decision.  If it feels wrong right away, you have your answer.
  • Floss.  Please honor thy mother and floss.
  • Recycle, repurpose, and restore whenever possible. 
  • Be the first to help anything or anyone suffering.  Both of your souls need it.
  • Practice teamwork.

  • Charge up, not with time at work but time with your family, friends, and hobbies.  Work doesn't miss you when you're gone.  Projects and deadlines aren't going to your funeral some day.
  • Vacation without guilt. 
  • Sing loudly, dance wildly, play as often as possible.  Invite others to do the same with just your energy.
  • Please hold on to each other. 

  • Try your hardest not to mistake firmness with harshness.  Your mother is still working on this.
  • Snuggle

  • Hang with your parents, no matter how weird they get.

  • Publish your stories, frame your pictures, record your concerts, hang your artwork.  Surround yourself with inspiration and celebrate your life and the lives of those you adore. 
  • Own your quirk.

  • Throw impromptu campfires, dinner parties and fancy social gatherings and only clean the kitchen and bathroom.  
  • Try not to save your passions for "later."  They are cumulative, not exhaustive.  Go ahead and delve into them daily, they only get better!
  • Always open your mind and your heart when talking with children.  They have so very much to teach you. 



ASpeckled Trout said...

I know this was for your kids but I think I'll adopt every one of these.

OSMA said...

Me too, SpeckT. Just cause I wrote 'em don't mean I can follow 'em ;) xoxo

Andrea Mowery said...

Whoa. I love this so much. Thank you!!

Jenna said...

I love this so hard. SO HARD.

Sara Conant said...

Beautifully written. The world spins brighter because of open-hearted, truth-telling mamas like you.

OSMA said...

Andrea, I can't thank you enough for all the buzz you created with this post. My usual 34 hits was up to 300 between you and Cris. :) Thanks, ladies. I should've at least dusted. :)

Jenna - I love that you love this so hard. Who knew my lazy list of what to tell my kids should I perish before I get the chance to secure a good role model for them would strike a chord? WHO KNOWS THESE THINGS BC I DO NOT <3

Sara - First off, Sara is one of my favorite names of all time. Anna and Lisa being up there on the list too. Secondly, thank you so much for stopping in to read and leave such a lovely string of sweetness to read. You're a writer, aren't you? Please come back and leave your blog address if you're ever so inclined.