Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Heart Spell Check

When I was in the 9th grade I did something completely out of character for introverted me.  I spoke up in Social Studies class.

We were having a debate over how to spell the word "vacuum."  The girl who had just taken my ex-boyfriend spoke up on the opposing team.

We were at a total impasse.  The entire class knew about our heated boyfriend history.  They also knew I would never confront anyone, unless it was her.  So there I was, making my stand with one word and full on girl eye contact.

"Two c's." I stated as fact.

"Two u's." She returned just as poisonously. 

"Could someone please go get the Dictionary?  We'll settle this fair and square," implored the teacher who was giddy over an impassioned classroom war.

Someone fetched the Dictionary and read, "Vacuum.  V-A-C..."

I held my breath.


After the second "U" my entire body filled up with icy hot right up to my earrings.

"Two u's," Boyfriend Stealer said like she was sitting on his lap.

Needless to say, I rarely trust my spelling anymore and use spell check whenever possible.  God Bless the person who got tired of people using i after e especially after c.

Spell check has saved my goose on more than one occasion (see, right there) and here is proof I cannot live without it.

My 80something year old neighbor is recovering from knee surgery.  This is his third surgery in one year and it's taking a toll on him and his wife.  We wanted to bring them dinner so the kids made cookies and what I think are super cute place mats.  Abby and I cooked them soup today.  We had the perfect plan.

The perfect plan until I had to grab a pen and spread my wings without my beloved spell check.

Here, see if you spot it.

Sadly, I didn't realize my mistake until after we delivered the goods.  Oh well, we can only hope this wonderful couple is distracted by the kids' fancy handiwork on their place mats.

Maybe they'll think the kids did the labels too :) 

 There it is.  Do you see it?  Vacuum all over again.  In the form of two Ls instead of one.  I spelled broccoli wrong.  
May she never know I taught English to 6th through 12th graders just a couple of years ago.  I hear they have Smart Boards in the classroom now.  Tons of spell check wings there I'm banking on in case I ever get back to that profession.  That is, if the English Department hasn't revoked my diploma yet.

Oh spell check, you had me at vacuum.

What is your word that you always get wrong?


A Speckled Trout said...

Separate? Seperate? I do that one alot. A lot.

Anonymous said...

or laisson
or laison
I have no idea how to speel it
er, spell it

OSMA said...

ASpeckT, I always have to write down separate and maintenance down in pencil first myself. FB status updates using "alot" make me want to buy stationary.

Anonymous, I go ahead and screw that one up right away to sick spell check on it quickly :)

Anonymous said...

I always have to stop and think two "c's" or two "u's" ?? Makes sense since I taught you everything I didn't know in the first place. lol <3 <3

Kris said...

I've always prided myself on spelling (though I always went tharn and crashed the spelling bees), but there are a few words that thwart me no matter how many times I look them up. Some words I've memorized phonetically just to keep myself safe. Words like "dee-fine-ite-ly" and "hee-morr-hage." You watch, I've misspelled something in this comment and I'll feel like an absolute idiot if/when I wander back to it.

I've really enjoyed reading!

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