Monday, April 23, 2012

Dream Catcher

Abby's been having bad dreams again lately which cause my poor husband to sleep on the couch.

(Maybe I should have her stop sleeping on the sidewalk?)

Sometime between 1am and 4am Abby shows up at our bedside, orders Sadie off the bed, and climbs Mt. Bedrest to finally situate herself between my shins.


Actually, I don't feel a thing but Andy says she flips and flops like a beached salmon so much so he can't get back to sleep.

To help her with her bad dreams and my husband with his too-too early wake-up call,  I told her we'd make a Dream Catcher to snag all the bad dreams before they float to her mind.  

But I keep forgetting to collect sticks and find yarn so last night when she asked for the Dream Catcher while I rocked her to sleep I couldn't disappoint.

Had to improvise.

Really really badly.

Guess what?

It worked!  Dear Abby slept in her room all night last night!

Obviously I am the Van Gogh of Dream Catcher sketches.

Or just maybe one of our guardian angels was on watch.

I think we might have a few around here, you know. 

We are surrounded by them in fact.

Some we can see like black ink against a clear sky.

Some stand tall on electrical boxes while orating the elements of earthworms and dandelion seeds.

Some stand guard high up on a hill.  Someone else's hill but that's just fine print. We have very understanding neighbors.

I'm not sure if it was the drawing or the double-header birthday party we had Sunday but girlfriend slept well last night.

Because this morning, she is bright-eyed and feeling ready to take on the world.

And perhaps the red carpet too should Bruno Mars need a date for the night.

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