Thursday, August 28, 2008

Embrace Change?

Because I'm obsessed with expounding on the mundane I thought I'd write them down here for future perusement or perhaps maybe others would like to chime in? Please feel free...

Chapter 1
Pre-Preschool Woes:
I may as well be in pre-preschool along w/my little boy. Sometimes it's scary to see how the mature, sophisticated, intelligent woman I believed I was before giving birth has been whittled down to nubbins, leaving me an exposed bundle of unlevel-headed raw Momma Bear nerve endings. Mom's probably right, it must have been the nursing...

Here's the scoop:
So for most of us change is the undeniable backbone of our lives. For me, however, it's the Dark Knight threatening to teeter my totter and make sense fall down. How can I expect my little 22 month old to embrace the never-ending cycle of rhymes and reasons when his own mother is jostled to the core by his new class schedule. What do you mean he's going to have a new teacher? He (read: I) just bonded with Miss Lovely Face and now he (again read: we) is expected to simply run into the arms of another? There has to be some kind of weaning process for this, no? "Okay," the Director of preschool humors me, "we can drag our feet on this one and take baby steps." Somehow I truly feel this comment was meant more for me than my well-adjusted toddler. What happened to me over the last two years? When did I become the adult who needed to take "baby steps?" Mom's right, it must have been the co-sleeping. :)

One-Sided Momma

Good Morning!

This is the debut blog in my new venture. Hope you enjoy...