Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Week

How was your spring break?

Whether you were eating bunny cake or matzoh with cream cheese, I hope your holiday was a great one.  Ours was fantastic!  Andy's family came in last week to stay with us until Easter.  My family came in for Easter Sunday dinner and visited all day long.

It was a merging of loved ones and colorful underwear hats (Abby).

Easter is the kids' favorite holiday so far due to the massive egg hunt awaiting them both inside and out.

Easter Bunny upped the ante this year and hid silver dollars in some of the Easter eggs (thank you, Aunt Jen) instead of boring old jelly beans (thank you, boring old me).

Andy and I were a little concerned the kids would grow up believing Easter was only about hidden eggs and Easter baskets so we thought we'd educate them about the Holiness of the holiday.  Through YouTube.  Yeah.  You can probably already guess how that turned out.  Even the cartoons are rather intense and there's virtually no way to sugar coat a crucifixion.  Grayson was riveted.  Abby asked for The Smurfs.

I'm thinking we need Sunday school.

Since I am still recovering from many days of visiting with relatives and having more free time than the usual eight hours a week, I am only good for a picture slide show today. 

I'll do my best to at least caption.   

Happy Spring, All!

The face of a boy who loves himself some Easter.

Sisters from Other Misters

How Many Can You See?

Grilled lemonheads, anyone?

 Bunny Prints
Larger and Biologically Incorrect (hour later) Bunny Prints

DIY Easter Decorations.  Yes, from Pinterest.  How did you know?

Easter Basket Loot

Our Buckets Runneth Over


Monica said...

I have a kids Bible for David and we read the "jesus that he died on the cross" story. David was glued to the picture and he wanted to "see" the that Jesus died on the cross. I found a short version of the Passion of the Christ that left out the most brutal of everything (the actual flogging and nailing) but he saw how bad Jesus looked and "those bad, bad, bad guys the they gave Jesus lots of hurts."

OSMA said...

Dear Sweet David. He probably has a greater grasp of it than I do. Grayson heard "...and then death overtook Jesus..." and his ears perked up. I expect to find binder after binder of dark poetry and existential prose in his room when he's a teen. I hope David will be willing to explain things to him then :)

The Palmer Family said...

Happy Easter! I love the pictures, especially with all the family. Everyone looks great!!

Miss you!


OSMA said...

Happy Easter to you too! Wishing we were still (city) neighbors but summer will be here soon so visit time. Get that guest bedroom ready :)