Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Control Freak

If only I had more arms.

A bigger brain.

Additional feet and legs.

I could tie shoes, teach letter sound awareness, clean toilets, give the dogs their Interceptor and still unload the dishwasher.  I could remember to pick up toothpaste and dental floss at the 5 Below store I was just in today instead of the Giant I won't be in until the weekend.

I could:
  • put away the clothes still stacked on our bureau.
  • make room inside the drawers so we wouldn't have to stack in the first place.
  • call my mom, my dad, my brothers, my aunt, my Otter (I miss you too, K!), my friends.
  • practice guitar chords.
  • plan a menu for the week on a Sunday, not panic on a Wedensday.
  • vacuum.
  • walk the dogs around the neighborhood, not the cul-de-sac.
  • make that dentist appointment for that root canal I've been putting off since 2010.
  • try yoga.
  • write instead of post. 
  • teach Abby the alphabet.
  • teach Grayson how to ride his bike without training wheels.
  • read anything other than headlines.
But I know that time will come.  That I should just be sitting back and soaking in the sunshine that is a five-year-old boy and his three-year-old sister.

I know this yet I still cannot slow down my brain.  Like there is a FJ Cruiser (Tonka blue) at the end of this never ending To Do list.

No new car.  Not even a clean kitchen. 

How do you pull in the reins of a stuttering, adrenalized, oh-so-pushy brain?

Or is it Domestica wearing her skull cap rowing to the next island for the vote off ceremony?

Maybe an organizer.

There is new Staples down the street.

I should at least stop there to smell the Sharpies.


The Palmer Family said...

Thanks for the shout out!! These days my life has been filled with the production of a Helen Keller hand puppet and a fox habitat, not to mention tennis and baseball. So I feel like I haven't been getting much done lately either. Especially with the nice weather, I feel like we're hardly ever inside. Which means nothing gets done inside. But that's fine with me.

Hope to catch up soon! Miss you!!!

PS - Tillie is a beauty!

OSMA said...

Is it poor taste that I laughed at the H.K. puppet and fox habitat image together? Not that they are intended that way but...you just make me smile. Plus, I like picturing you at the craft store AND baseball bleachers at the same time.

Howz your serve, btw? Are you bruising egos and temples with a line drive to the craniums? Please say yes. xoxox

The Palmer Family said...

I love the idea of Helen Keller wondering through the fox habitat. From our research Helen was very adventurous and outdoorsy, I wouldn't have put it past her to be hanging out in the woods with the foxes. I think this idea should get some extra credit.

My ego is the only one getting bruised this tennis season. But I'm still having a great time. Em & Meg are playing too. They are doing great. Pretty soon they'll be able to take me.

OSMA said...

Then Helen in a fox den it shall be.

I bet you are handing out some punishment across the net, my humble Amiga. Em & Meg get it from their momma! Wait, was Hubs All State or something? :)