Monday, March 29, 2010

SuperMom for a Day

A couple of years ago I can remember having a SuperMom sighting. You know the type. The mom who is out and about with two or more children doing normal things and being completely normal while her well behaved children listen to her normal voice give them normal directions. Not those poor shell shocked sleep deprived newbie moms who have caves where their eyes once were and spill the contents of their entire purse all over themselves just because their nervous system will not allow more than one daily life function at a time. Those newbies will get there eventually. Millions of smashed Goldfish crackers and spilled sippy cups later and they'll get their cape for sure.

The SuperMoms are always veteran moms. They have figured out the system and are making it look easy. They always look as if they had time to not only shower but also actually use a straightener, product and hairspray! The SuperMoms always sport nice form fitting jeans with a flattering solid colored top. Not workout pants with a nursing bra peeking out from their husband's fraternity T-shirt.

When Grayson was just a baby, I had my first SuperMom sighting. I'll never forget her. She was a dark haired lady with a very cute diaper bag (back when I noticed those types of things). She had her toddler with one hand while simultaneously pushing the cart overflowing with groceries and her brand new baby with her other hand. It was amazing. Walking out with Grayson hitched high on my hip, I felt compelled to tell her how courageous I thought she was for venturing out to the supermarket with her children. Both of them.

I'll never forget her response. "What am I gonna do? Hole up in my house forevah?" Her expression was even less kind (and much more Philly).

Hmph. Last time I try to be nice to any SuperMom. Sheesh.

Fast forward to today.

Today I was SuperMom.

I showered, used a straightener, hairspray and make-up. Threw on my one pair of decent jeans along with a solid colored top. I have figured out the system!

Today I got be SuperMom because my children came with me to take Sadie to the veterinarian's office. They sat quietly with me in the crowded waiting room. When Abby toddled off to visit a new patient with very sharp teeth, she actually listened as I gently reminded her to respect the "woof woof's space" and come back to sit with us. She did!

Let me tell you, people were staring. At first I thought maybe I stepped in poo. After a quick shoe check and a few minutes of more strangers' stares someone finally spoke up.

"You are so brave." One lady in fuzzy boots said to me.
"Your kids aren't bouncing off the walls." The receptionist buzzed.
"I couldn't take my 2 year old out in public when I was a new mom." Fuzzy boots added.
"You even have your dog with you!" A man with one missing tooth mused. Even the doctor patted my shoulder and said, "You have your hands full. Great job, Mom!" I felt like Kate. Back when people liked her.

"Thank you. They are great kids, I am lucky. That and I gave them all Benadryl before we left the house."

All kidding aside. Today I got to feel like one of those SuperMoms I once looked up to just a couple of years ago. I'm sure by 4pm, my shirt will be applesauced and my feet will be soft as clay again but for this minute, I am smiling proudly about my well earned veteran status and soak in these days that bring a sense of pride and honor in being a regular person with a SuperMom cape.


Cristie Ritz King said...

three cheers super mom. we always knew you were-glad you figured it out too.;)

pajama mom said...

and tights!
don't forget the tights!

One Sided Momma said...

crk - you are too good to me. my 24 hrs. is almost up, however, and my cape has now been repoed. it was a good run.

pj - no way, amiga. as supermom 4 a day you get to go without the tights. it's in the contract.

and...shocker but of course this post was begging for a showdown and i boy i got one tonight. two kids, two fevers, one husband hiding in the "basement." can't blame the guy. i'm sneaking down there after sickie #2 closes both eyes.

Tracy G said...

Crk said it best...we all new, but we're glad you figured it out!!!!