Thursday, March 11, 2010


Lately Grayson has been creating things. With household materials. Like toilet paper, lotion bottles, old foam curlers. And Softsoap. You know, things found under the sink. Sometimes a vegetable or fruit is incorporated into the structure if I fail to hear the shwip of the refrigerator door in time.

Here are some of his latest creations.

With a little tweaking, I think the last one is a contender for the Smithsonian. Or a commercial for that there metal gate.

Ta Da! The Toilet Tower of Yuck

"Yes, I am the man responsible for all this awesome."

(Notice his sweet little pleased-with-himself face. It was 11:32pm. That's not at all what my face looked like. But I did manage to congratulate him on a job well done and snap a picture of him with his foam toilet seat and softsoap tower. Twenty seconds before I threw it all in the trash when he wasn't looking. I know. I should have hung it on the wall.)

This one is entitled, "Nascar Nasties" by me.

Or "Cake" if you're Grayson.

The scary thing was that he kept going downstairs all afternoon to cut me a piece of "cake" from this buffet of crap. Bless his heart. I "enjoyed" every single last morsel out of guilt for trashing his first creation and also because who can say no to cake?

Now this last series is good. You'll have to click on one or all to get the full effect.
Backstory: I went upstairs to hide for literally 4 maybe 4.29 minutes - Daddy was home and in the kitchen - and pulled the gate closed behind me to keep one little shadow girl from following me up the stairs. In that time, Grayson collected and purposefully positioned every toy known to man on the landing to make "an easel" (probably ladder but maybe he wanted to climb an easel, who am I to know for sure?) on which to climb over and check on me to make sure I was safe. One never can be too cautious. Many a mommy had disappeared into her bathroom for hours only to reappear with wrinkled skin and a towel where her hair once was.

I think the true charm is in Sadie's forlorn expression and surprising ability to balance her backside and make a veritable bean bag chair from that gigantic red rubber ball. She's always been resourceful. And could probably show Pink a thing or two on that trapeze now that I think about it.

Thanks for visiting Grayson's art show.

Can I interest you in a piece of "cake" for the ride home?


Brian said...

WOW! Yeah, Wow!

I think Grayson's hand on hip and the, "what the heck are you doing up there" look on his face, REALLY says it all!

Too funny!

And might I add, you're a saint! I'd flip a lid if I had been greeted with that pile of "architecture". :-)

pajama mom said...

g and k would make "beautiful" creations together. :)

One Sided Momma said...

"brian" - did you notice the microphone. oh yeah. he's been giving concerts on the couch for two weeks now. want some stuffing to go along w/that hame?!?!? :)

pj - they make their mommas proud and their daddy's tired. : )

One Sided Momma said...

t- correction: ham. meant to write ham and it came out "hame." been reading too much Insider Edition.