Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dirty Dog

She may be 56 in dog years but Miss Sadie can still make time for being naughty.

Then avoid eye contact to maintain her innocence.

While her accomplice slinks by in the background to warn the others.


Tracy G said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!! Remember the time at P-ville, when she was paying in the ditch/drain pipe at the end of the drive way? She went in a blond and came out a brunette! LOL!
I'm glad she's still got some spunk! And I refuse to believe that her accomplice is any older than 3, and he probably still acts like it. :-) Boogie Dawg!!
The two of them are a naughty pair, I'm glad they're able to reunite occasionally and get into some good clean (or dirty) fun!

One Sided Momma said...

T - i do remember that time very well! she is still the same way. such a river dog, find a puddle and she will figure a way to swim in it. the boogie dawg, however, has refined in his older age (3 plus we'll call it), and refrained from dirtying his immaculate tookas.