Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More of a Night Person

This day has me looking at

This day has me twisting my too short hair into some ponytail beansprout amalgam thing.

This day has me feeling fat.

This day has one very whiny 15 month old who is not happy unless her little body is scaling furniture and/or bedrails.

This day has me angry.

This day has me dreaming about kindergarten.

This day has me despising my neighborhood with nobody in it.

This day started out with a walk and a picnic.

This day has me by the jugular.

This day has me wanting to work with things that don't talk. Or cry. Or need me.

This day has me so thankful that won't ever really happen.

This day has me needing a very long run with nothing but the sound of my feet and my own "whoo whoo whoo" exhale to listen to.

This day also started with blueberry pancakes.

This day is trying to push me until I push right the ----- back.

This day is one in which we all stepped in dogsh*t and brought it back into the house.

This day is one in which I want to donate every last toy and keep only one drawer of crayons and paper.

This day isn't so bad now that the children are napping.

This day might have a Dunkin Donuts' drive thru in its future.

This day could very well have me doing a post natal workout because the bajillion household chores and quadrabajillion childrens' games don't burn off a belly fast enough.

This day could also be serving leftovers on paper plates for dinner.

This day might just demand a raise.

This day may help me find my way back to me.

This day doesn't want to talkaboutit.

This day is not even halfway over.

This day will usher in this night and

that right there

makes me very happy.


pajama mom said...

this day kicked me in the ass
as well.
must be a full moon.

One Sided Momma said...

i'm sorry to hear that yours did too. that means we have both earned terribly wonderful, amazing, fantastic, very good days today!