Monday, March 15, 2010

Backpack Dialing

My husband's cell phone called me from inside his backpack at 7:05 am this morning. From the metro.

Me: "Hello?"

Husband's buried cell phone: **** (animated metro voice) "Please move to the center of the car."static. thump thump. static. (his muffled voice) "Mornin' Sir." static. thump thump. static. "Sir." thump thump. whoooooshhhhhh. "Mornin' Sir. static thump thump thump. whooosh. Whoooosh.**** end call.

Three things confirmed. First, good news! His cell phone does work underground. Secondly, there aren't any men at the Pentagon. Third, I am far too easily entertained. What exactly was I listening for once I realized his phone accidentally dialed home? "Hi. This is your husband's cell phone. I got nudged by some guy in a Dolce Gabbana suit and accidentally woke you up. My bad."

So I did what any good upstanding Marine wife would do. Called him back 30 minutes later. Had to leave a message but he returned my call at lunchtime.

Me: Hi.
Him: Hey.
Me: I'm returning your call. (still amused by this morning's mistake) Well, not your call but your backpack's call. He called me.
Him: (not nearly as amused and at work and bettering the world at large)
Yeah. I got your message.
Me: Your backpack misses me.
Me: Your cellphone luuuuvs me.
Me: Are you busy?
Him: A little.
Me: You forgot to bring your lunch.
Him: No, I didn't.
Me: What did you bring?
Him: fish.
Me: ew.
Me: I'll let you go.
Him: How are the kids?
Me: I'll have my backpack call your backpack.
Him: Goodbye.
Me: Bye.

I really should have better things to do at 7:05am but I hope to get another underground prank call tomorrow!


Jessica said...

Brilliant LOL hahahahaha You should also have your backpack tell his backpack to cut you some slack hahaha. You're hilarious!

pajama mom said...

i always listen too.
and call back.

One Sided Momma said...

jessica - thank you. i should certainly have my pack give his pack a stern talking to ; ) and thanks for commenting...i love your comments.

pj - you do? i'm so glad to know i'm not the only one who finds this amusing.