Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23

March 23 is a day I will never forget. It's just one of those days that will always be special to me. It's my mom's birthday. I almost never remember my closest friends', my brothers' (I know, shame!), my fathers' (plural the guilt) birthdays but I'll never ever forget my mom's. I guess this means I love her most. She wins. She gets the big purple stuffed bear with scary plastic eyes. Lucky woman.

I think the biggest compliment you can get as a mother is to know that your children feel loved. That they walk around, big or small, knowing and emanating that knowledge that no matter what happens in their life, their mom loves them. From that grows confidence, courage, and the ability to believe in yourself. Well, I can tell you that my mom should consider herself complimented. I certainly feel loved by her and know that no matter what happens, she's in my corner. Unless Kate Gosselin happens to be there with me. Mom's not a Kate fan.

So, without further ado, here's a really sappy yet cheeky love poem for my mom.


You love us
and we love you
You know every word to

You sing so pretty
You dance so fine
You dislike bridges
and 495

You love chocolate
Hate Lipitor
Love to swim
and quick jaunts to the store
Not grocery though,
(That is a bore)
Target's a win,
(since we're keeping score)
Macy's okay
but Tuesday Morning is better
We'll go there next week
and buy crap with feathers.

You work very hard
Every day, every hour
Lots of grunt work
You have staying power
Your husband is fired
from your laundry room
Mine is as well,
it's passed from the womb.

You are a great cook
But seldom eat much
'cept chocolate ice cream,
almonds, and such.

We both wring our hands
to come up with those plans
to feed bellies' demands
for more than Zataran's!

We have the same addiction
to reality shows
Yours: Survivor. Mine: Runway
because AI kind of blows.

You answer the phone
Every time that I call
and still seem interested in
what I hung on the wall
You keep me company
throughout my long days
with adult perspective
to lessen the craze.

You are unique
You are kind
You are hilarious
You don't mind
homemade earrings
bracelets too,
lopsided necklace
birthday cake snafu

Happy Birthday, dear Mom
You've done your job well
We know how much you love us
and we can tell
you wouldn't trade places
for another's too soon
unless it came with a maid
and perhaps New Moon too.
We are lucky to have you
and all else above?
We adore you, Mom.
You too are loved.


pajama mom said...

love it!

J Ritz said...

Wow!!! Again, I will say you should somehow try to publish some of your writings - they are amazing! Missing my mom a little this week, so it’s nice to "share" other moms. And to quote Granma Toni, you, your mom and your kids are truly blessed to have each other.

One Sided Momma said...

thank you M'ladies!

julie - i very much appreciate your kind words and it must be said that granma toni's words are truth and wisdom. i know you must miss her so often. i hope there is some comfort in knowing she truly lives on in all of you ritzes (one ritz-king i know has so many of her traits already).

Brian said...

Great post!

And I agree, AI does blow! :-)