Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day in Review

In case you were curious to know what we do all day, here's a glimpse of yesterday. Upon further review, I'm not sure what all my complaining was about because in pictures it looks like a Hallmark commercial. We packed as much into a day as anyone could. Perhaps therein was the problem? Anyway, here's what we do from day to day...almost from start to finish, minus the incessant floor sweeping, dish washing, sippy cup filling, diaper changing, hiney wiping, mess cleaning, and general Mommy hair pulling. Thought you could do without those visuals.

You're welcome.

To begin: This is our wee little front yard picnic that lasted maybe 11 minutes. Abby quickly and deftly put both knees in that peanut butter & jelly sandwich she's eating, then clawed after Grayson's like a voracious muskrat. He almost gave it up. She can be convincing

Here we have my little twenty something out posturing for the ladies....

He's too good at this. I am worried. And proud.

Then we have the naughty one who was so trying to gain entry into her own house by way of screen window.

So we went to the backyard where...

There were balls.

There were bats.

There were balls being rendered stooopid by bats.

There was horse back riding.

There was uphill.

There was downhill. *Notice the body language and Grayson's lemon face. He was pouting because little sis joined him to play tetherball massacre. Evidently, it's a solo sport.

There was a nice (short) game of kickball.

There was still the little sister trying to chime in.

But settling for the cheering section instead (unbreak my heart already).

And voila! Another country heard from.
You have to look fast or else you'll miss the baby gazelle.

The 75 pound baby gazelle.

And then there was running uphill.

And laughing because uphill IS funny.

But very tiring too.

Look up!

Look down.

Oh crap, it's only 1:30, what next?!?!?!?!

Time for cookie dough!

Lots and lots of cookie dough.

Passing time creating "rocks" while the cookies bake.

Whew - are you tired yet?

Well don't get all comfy on me now like we're almost done here...get your walkin' shoes on because we're going to the park!

by way of curbside

to collect sticks

and to play on the slide

on your belly

again and again until the peepers peep.

Uh oh. Looks like someone's not ready to leave.

But he gets a second wind quickly.

His mother, however, does not.

The End.

What are your days like?


Monica said...

Grumpy twin girls, breakfast, Curious George, toys, letters, spanish, colors, hyper dash and operation (those are the new "in" games for a month or two), lunch, outside, walk, feed horses apples or whatever other fruit is going bad, snack, more toys and other learning activities, craft or cooking project, clean up, home, dinner, tutor, teeth brushing, stories, before bed cuddles, bed, listening to a three year old sing himself to sleep.........and somewhere on some days and weekends goes clean up and organizing and holy crap I've been pregnant for 11 months and am nesting like crazy, what the heck do I do to keep myself sane without spending what little money we have on everything baby??

One Sided Momma said...

you won at "grumpy twin girls" !!! and to do all that w/a baby in your belly!?!? i'm not sure what "hyper dash" is but i'm pretty sure you shouldn't be doing it :)

Monica said...

I left out a few steps. Hyper dash is this great game!! It's got a stick thing with a cup end (I'm horrible at describing it) and five different colored cups. The game tells you the color and you hit the stick thing on the appropriate colored cup. The kids love playing it. Oh, and it's not a contest. It's all hard, there are just different versions for everyone of the hard that it always is.

Cristie Ritz King said...

I second Hyper Dash!