Monday, October 19, 2009

Proceed with Caution

Grayson teeters between caution and adventure. He is down for a fun time but in moderation. This has been true ever since he was a baby. He would always soberly consider a funny face before cracking a smile. He'd inch himself toward the edge of the bed but stop a foot before nearing the dropoff. I was under the impression that's what all babies did. (Until I met Abby.)

As a toddler, Grayson is experimenting with new comfort zones. He is still cautious but very interested and curious of the unknown. One of his favorite games is to have Daddy spin him round and round by his arms. Since Daddy and I aren't in a rush to dislocate an elbow or a shoulder he has started to spin him around by his legs/ankles instead.

It's new, it's fun but still a touch unsettling. Judging by his face (second picture below), it looks like Grayson isn't sure what to make of the new position.

(Uh oh, the calvary in pink is coming.)

And then we have Abby. Fearless, no bounds Abby. She is my Parachute Girl who will, in my humble opinion, be the first in the family to jump out of airplanes and scale rock walls just because. In fact, the only thing getting in the way of her and a quick descent on this stairwell here is Sadie's leg. Something tells me there aren't enough Sadie legs or gates in the world to keep her "in" for very much longer. Hopefully her brother can teach her a thing or two about boundaries. That's if he can catch her.

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