Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Sandwich Short of a Sandwich Shop

So the kids are in bed, the dog has circled her section of the foot of our bed fifty-seven times before committing and my husband and I crawl in to catch the end of Top Chef. He then says to me, "I think when I retire we should open a sandwich shop."

Me: Oh Yeah?

Him: Yeah. You know, with so many great family recipes we have, it'll be perfect.

Me: Which recipes are those?

Him: My dad's coleslaw, my sister's potato salad, and....(his voice trails off and I give him at least 60 seconds to reconnect but the line is dead.)

Me: So let me get this straight. We're going to open up a sandwich shop with your * dad's coleslaw and your ** sister's potato salad. ***

Him: Yeah.

Me: Clearly, you've thought this through. I'll start drafting the menus tomorrow.

Him: Do that.

The End.

* His dad's coleslaw is phenomenal.
** His sister's potato salad is to die for.
*** Maybe he has something here.


Tracy G said...'re making me hungry!

If the sandwich shop doesn't work out, he could always work at the deli in the supermarket...they have coleslaw & potato salad! LOL!!!

I crack myself up!


pajama mom said...

add my maw-maw's macaroni salad recipe, i'd eat there everyday!

p.s. cole slaw makes any sandwich taste better.

One Sided Momma said...

tracy- i'm gonna pass along your message :)

pjmom- your maw-maw's macaroni salad will be the perfect addition to the sandwich shop that sells no sandwiches but only the sides to go along with them.