Thursday, October 29, 2009

Conversation Stoppers

A few tried and true conversation stoppers if you happen to have some little person (or big person for that matter) who asks "Why?" 1,608,324 times after each statement you make.

Food Related Queries: Because our bodies are happy when they eat rainbows.

Argumentative Behavior: Because....Look! Was that a spaceship?

Of or Relating to Moving Objects: Because it ran out of gas and the gas truck broke down.

To Baffle or Confuse into Silence: Because the earth rotates slowly (works best if near a globe.)

To Simply Hush a Chatterbox: Because Mommy's ears need a break from sound or else they will need batteries too.

Random Words that Evoke Magical Mental Pictures and Buy You Precious Moments of Distraction: Fire pit. Lollipops. Rhinestones. Pirate Ship. BatMan. FlyBoat. SpiderMonky. UPS Truck. Chocolate. Bubbles. Pancakes.

The Trump Card: I love you.


pajama mom said...

dude you are good, i just looked for a spaceship. :)

One Sided Momma said...

:) that settles it...that one's a keeper.

happy halloween my friend! may the goblins treat and not trick you and your kiddos tomorrow night.

pajama mom said...

hope ya'll had a great halloween as well!