Monday, November 1, 2010

22 Weekends

The day of Hubby's deployment was hilarious. It was heartbreaking, depressing, and horrible too but it started off hilarious. We both went around nesting. Cleaning, stacking, scrubbing, putting away, taking out, clearing out, clearing off anything and everything that was within grasp. It was as if we were prepping for a delivery of a nine pound baby instead of the departure of a grown man with three 70 lb duffel bags. Funny how the psyche works. Guess we thought we could outclean the clock and get ahead of all the future messes that will happen while he's overseas. Little does he know I have greatly lowered my standards and believe a house junked up with toys and dust bunnies is a house of clarity and a vision for dinner.

Then there were the eyelashes-on-fire moments. All morning long we'd avoid eye contact. Hell, for weeks we've been avoiding eye contact as though locking visual would suddenly result in an airline ticket and immediate luggage check. Silly, silly human brains.

And, finally the day was catching up to us and we had no more laundry to put away. This was when my mental mettle let me down and the last 30 minutes before he left felt like paper cuts.

Things weren't as funny anymore.

It was time to say the long goodbye.

And it totally sucked.


JRitz said...

I'm not even saying good bye to anyone and I'm crying:( God speed to your Marine! And if you ever need anything, just ask. Continued good houghts and prayers to you and yours.

Andy said...

Okay... I think I just fried my laptop with tears :( Thinking of you all and still missing you in PA. We skipped that house on Halloween. It's just not the same...

One Sided Momma said...

jritz - thank you for your continued support. : ) no worries though b/c the hard part (saying goodbye) is over.

andy - hey, you won't have to skip our house in 2012. (hint, hint)
: )