Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Thousand Pieces

Lo and behold, we found ourselves in a toy store today and bought a mini kitchen. Figured it could be an early birthday present for Abs. It was a great deal. $19.99 for an entire set - stove, microwave, bottom cupboard, cell phone (would've loved a teapot but manufacturer preferred communication over Chai), oven range, little plastic knives, forks and plates. Too cute. Had to have it.

We were all so excited to open the box when we got home. An hour before dinner, I dove in scissors first and ripped into the goods. Then and only then could I see why it was less than 20 dollars.

There were thousands of pieces.

Millions of plastic connectors still requiring release by wire cutter. Screw holes not exactly big enough to house the fatty screws that came with the set. Things labeled alphabetically, then doubling up alphabetically because there were that many pieces to this thing.

Grayson jumped up and down. Abby rooted me on with her bare feet and wet chin. I could not let them down. I had to channel Ty and do this thing.

A million pieces.

Keep going.

Effing screw holes.

Don't give up.

Daggone it all I loaned out the automatic drill. When do I ever need the automatic drill?

You can do this.

I'm only up to double Cs.

Where's my husband?

"Mommy, is it ready yet?" he kangaroos around the living room.
"Eees eet raddy et?" she echoes.

5:30 pm and still half a million pieces to go. We paused for leftovers, an all out brawl over a spoon, was it? and bath time which resulted in water inside Abby's lungs from drinking the bathwater and one inch of water outside the tub because Spiderman is an avid water skier apparently and loves to show off by jumping over washcloths and rubber turtles.

7:00 couldn't come fast enough. Jammies, socks, teeth, ba-pu, Little Bear, nice story with nothing remotely sharp toothed. soothing crib music, rhythmic humming and rocking Abby. I return to find the tall lanky one on my bed already fast asleep. Sadie is down for the count right next to him. There is a God.

Yep, there is a God who lends a hand when you find yourself with a thousand pieces left to go.

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