Monday, November 22, 2010

The Short List

I realize this is blog post cheating but I'm feeling rather grateful today because things have gone all right instead of all wrong. I hope for a day like this for all of you. I hope for a YEAR like this for you all.

What I'm thankful for right this very second:

cotton clothing (to include jeggings and holey socks)
Max & Ruby DVDs
friendly neighbors who offer up their staplers
already sliced up vegetables from Giant
apricot leaves still on trees
sunshine splitting time between backyard and my living room
Sadie's eyelashes
independent play (lasting minutes but they are beautiful and interesting)
Sarah Mac's 'Wintersong'
Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving
Grayson telling me, "I am taking good care of you, Abby, and Sadie while Daddy is away."
cocoa butter lip balm
Puffs kleenex
Abby asking me to rock her for a "long time with no shinging Mommy."
Clorox Clean-Up
Hubby's emails and IMs
scheduled free time; the right to keep it simple
hot tea
Grayson and Abby's new babysitter who I wish I could hire on full-time
seeing the moon at 4:30pm
other military spouses who just know
early bed times
sandwiches for dinner
readers, followers, commenters, no commenters, you.

Be back with a real post tonight. Kids will succumb to their delirium at some point. If not, there's always the treadmill. If Sadie can do it...


pajama mom said...

at our house they are called,
"special sandwiches"
and the kids eat 'em up.

keep calm
and carry on.

One Sided Momma said...

other than pb & j, what are some of your kids' faves?

pajama mom said...

grilled cheese
dipped in tomato soup.
(aka yum-yum soup)

deli turkey and mayo
on fresh bread.
with a sprinkle of
dried oregano to
make it fancy.

blt with turkey bacon
minus the tomato.
and lettuce.
except for m,
she eats it all.

small pancakes
with turkey sausage.

they think it is a treat
to get sandwiches for dinner!
and dang - we seem to eat
a lot of turkey. :)

Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

PJ-Grilled Cheese and tomato soup? A Kappa House classic that always makes me feel better.;)
I'm thankful for phone calls on thanksgiving morning that remind you just one little person in your life makes the whole world a brighter place to be.
I adore you.