Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A follow up on yesterday's post:

Remember how I was all, "Leave the syrup spills on the kitchen floor! Burn your Swiffers!! Follow the yellow brick road" less than 24 hours ago? Confession: I didn't last five minutes. Not even five measly minutes could I summon enough willpower to not put away my dishes in the drying rack. I even rationalized it by telling myself that "this isn't housework; these dishes are already clean; the children won't notice if I just tuck these few last bowls back in the..."

"MOMMY! Where are you?! You said you going to bring your coffee in the castle with us!"

So busted.

Then, THEN, instead of admitting my digression and just going in the blasted play tent with my sweet warm bundles of love for a morning read, I did the unthinkable. I saw leaves on my kitchen floor (sure, only one helicopter seed thing and half a stem, but still). There was outside on my inside. I couldn't look away. I could not let it go. It had me lock, stock and barrel. It all happened very quickly. Before I could slap my own wrist, the broom was in my grasp and we were engaged in the solicitous act of cleaning on Ignore Mess to Enjoy Children Day.

"Moooooommmmmy, why aren't you in here with us AGAIN?!" said my son who will make an excellent correctional officer one day.

Right. That. Playing. With my children. And the joy of it all. Loving. Nurturing. Softness and Light. Step away from the Have Nots, Woman. Crawl into that tent and do it with a smile on your face.

"Hi Guys, I'm here. Wow, it's warm in here. Sooo cozy! Let's read a story, shall we?"
"I need my milk and juice."
"Get my milk and juice first pleeeeeaaase, then a story."
"Ba-Pooh, Ba-Poooh, Ba-Pooh!"

Right. That. Loving. Nurturing. Gleaming with hope and promise. Feed the children, nourish their growing bodies and burgeoning minds. Walk with them on hills of lilac and golden aster or some shit like that. Follow them through the day and let them lead the way.

"Mooooom!!! Do you have my milk and juice ready yet?"

But all was well in the kitchen because I could barely hear their urgent demands over the clanking of silverware and glass pans being put away in their rightful location.

**Disclaimer - I was finally able to leave the mess behind and enjoy the day with, really with the kabibbles. More on that and our discoveries tomorrow. Not all was lost on my inner Neurotic Nancy. It just started out that way.


pajama mom said...

you owe me a swiffer.

One Sided Momma said...

i will get you "mint" in its stead.


check this thing out! wonder if it works. probably much like a rumba, huh?

One Sided Momma said...

i think i meant, roomba. lol! too much DWTS.