Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What a Bad Dog

Funny story. Forgot to share it. Here it go.

Halloween night started out great. Got Spiderman dressed without losing an eye. Tinkerbell/Princess SnowQueen was all put together (the rodeo boots make it, in my opinion) and even Sadie was dressed up with her chocolate bow and matching scarf.

The four of us hoofed it up the street trick or treating and got exactly one house away when I understood how ridiculous I was being. People don't take their dogs trick or treating for a reason. It's hard. Other kids are scared of them. Other moms are scared of them. Other neighbors think you're crazy, not cute to dress up your dog for Halloween. They (the dogs, not the neighbors) also don't sit nicely at the front door waiting patiently for a Snickers but instead barge into the home to go a-visiting because the kitchen smells like sausages and cake. I had to take her back home.

We schlepped back to our house. Sadie skulked back inside, slumped down in front of the pantry and we three humans went along our merry way.

When we got home, an hour or so later, this is what greeted us.

As you can see here, Abigail was as mortified as her mother because she could see "the rest" in the living room. Coffee grinds, tea bags, little white bags of deodorizers that probably would require a visit to the doggy ER by 3am.

Moral of the story?

Next year, Sadie wears the feathered mask so nobody knows she's not one of us.


Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

That little stinker! Just when you think she's getting on in age she puppies it up. Love that girl.

JRitz said...

They always do manage to get back at you don't they? Also, love the new picture.

Anonymous said...

Like the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words. Heard the story the next day, but the 'evidence' speaks louder. <3

One Sided Momma said...

crk - her insides are still completely 2 yrs. old for the most part!

jrtiz - unfortunately yes they do. and glad you like the new pic. jury's out on what the hay is going on w/my hair or squinty eyes but at least the kids aren't making poop faces. or actually pooping. p.s. that was THE D day but so it holds a special little spot in my aorta.

anonymommy - thought you might be impressed w/her destruction skills. still in tact.