Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Long List

Thanksgiving is over. That's sad but also a great primer for the next holidays tip toeing toward us which are Haunukah and Christmas. We're celebrating both this year. Some of you already know why. Others will just think I've finally slipped into the deep cool blue pond of nuttery. Both are true.

So, without any ado:

The Long List

  1. family. All of it.
  2. our military. All of it.
  3. home
  4. warmth
  5. seat warmers (can you tell I'm cold?)
  6. Oil of Olay lotion
  7. recycling
  8. happy people
  9. thoughtful people
  10. happy, thoughtful, eccentric with remedy people
  11. preschool, thank you God for preschool
  12. scotch tape
  13. Grayson's teachers
  14. fitness class where everyone is over 60
  15. carrot sticks with caesar dressing dip
  16. no more fast fooding
  17. staying busy
  18. 20 minute respites
  19. old friends who show up
  20. new friends who do too
  21. wheels
  22. "go to" earrings
  23. phone calls from my brothers just because they worry
  24. holiday cards
  25. Christmas music
  26. H'motsi and homemade menorahs
  27. warm rain
  28. cold fronts
  29. roomy belted grandpa sweaters
  30. Hubby's socks
  31. candid pictures
  32. laughter - snorting ugly eager laughter
  33. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
  34. Pioneer Woman's chocolate chip cookie recipe
  35. clippy barrettes
  36. perspective
  37. (and losing it sometimes)
  38. Mt. Vernon
  39. being a SAHM
  40. following through
  41. pipe dreaming
  42. changing course
  43. the smell of wet hay
  44. the color of my childrens' hair
  45. bed time stories
  46. snuggling under blankets before tucking everyone in at night
  47. burst of giggles that erupt eventually
  48. Snapper's new lease on life in our kitchen
  49. making homemade cards
  50. receiving them
  51. those little magnetic shopping list pads for $1
  52. (leftover) turkey noodle soup that came out really great b/c of tumeric - another PW secret
  53. Abby's unrelenting love
  54. Grayson's search for peace
  55. Sadie's obsessive concern
  56. Hubby's return in five more months


Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

Ok so I hate to ruin such a lovely post but now I'm on my sixth time seeing that family pic and I'm just annoyed that you both look exactly like you did 15 years ago. I might hate you if I didn't adore you so much you two suckers.

pajama mom said...

great list!
i'm working on #16 also.
and i love #40.
happy hanukkah!

Crystal D said...

Has anyone told you today, how special you are? Well, let me do it. You are so special lady. Truly special.

One Sided Momma said...

crk - i am wondering if your setting is much different than mine b/c i'm honestly not seeing what you're seeing. but thank you. :) thank you from the bottom of my muffin top heart.

pj - thanks lady. fell off #16 wagon yesterday but back on horse again today. merry 22 more days until...

crystal - you certainly know how to make a tired old grumpy girl feel happy again. thank you so much. and very much likewise.