Thursday, October 28, 2010


Recently I have:
  • been crushed from weeks of uninterrupted hours tending two chronically sick kids
  • felt privilege that comes only from being their primary nursemaid
  • googled "croup" so often I'm pretty sure I have stridor

  • cursed preschool germs
  • praised preschool for everything else

  • incurred black eye from orchestrating holiday photo
  • come to understand poetic justice

  • met kind stranger who paid my way through DC
  • attended engagement party because of kind stranger
  • enjoyed night-out @ Cavas Tavern with dear friends due to engagement party
  • renewed joy and taste for tzatziki

  • been ecstatic about new buttery soft black low-heeled boots
  • thought they screamed men's department very next day

  • inhaled Sadie for comfort and peace
  • watched daughter move furniture to get her brother to sit next to her
  • watched brother sit next to her even though he really wanted to play

  • lost five pounds
  • gained back six

  • wondered why good underwear is so hard to find
  • realized I may have to look farther than Target

  • had two dreams come true: 1. find laid back friend in neighborhood with whom to share tea and 2. hear Mom play the same made-up games with my kids as she did with brother and me. (She does Batman voice surprisingly well. Oddly enough, Hulk even better.)
  • been so thankful for parents
  • thanked moon and stars for grandparents

  • missed daily blog posting and reading
  • realized I'm okay with that

  • reconnected with someone important
  • made plans to meet with her soon

  • watched our wedding video
  • attempted to make more "me time" as a result
  • failed on the first attempt
  • stayed up too late on the second

  • trapped stinkbug underneath Abby's port-a-potty
  • come to believe Snapper the fish is lonesome in Grayson's room

  • really tried not to curse so much
  • said "sugar" and "ding dang" like my grandma once did
  • found new respect for my healthy body that refuses to catch anything preschool throws at it (yes, realize am fated to karmic puke-fest before spell checking this post.)
  • stopped writing cutesy little love notes on Grayson's napkins
  • eavesdropped on room parent's violin concert for preschoolers
  • felt very proud when she later told me how engaged Grayson was
  • laughed when hubby said, "I hope he didn't dance."
  • emphatically hoped that he did

  • been so hung up on maintaining the perfect
  • had to keep reminding myself that is a self-induced state of mind
  • stopped raising bar before kids couldn't reach it for themselves
  • fallen back in love with messy, noisy and chaos a tiny tiny bit
  • not denied adoration for order, peace and hottest shower two shoulders can handle

  • hired a maid
  • found amazing new babysitter
  • raked leaves
  • changed light bulbs
  • stuck to a menu for two weeks straight
  • gone decaf half of the time
  • completely dug ride the other half


The Palmer Family said...

You Rock!

One Sided Momma said...

no, YOU rock!

and we'll rock together when i can score a babysitter. :)

Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

Seriously you do rock.

One Sided Momma said...

thank you, crk. it's not so much rock as it is eat cream cheese for dinner.