Friday, November 26, 2010

T Day

Happy post pineapple stuffing day! Hope you all got to celebrate with beloveds and enjoy losing perspective on portion control for the afternoon.

We sure did. Nam and Pop got here mid-morning. Then Nonie, T, and Uncle Matt arrived. We ate a HUGE meal of HoneyBaked goods plus some homemade dishes shortly after that. Happily, had the rest of the afternoon to stretch out and goof off. And that is just what we did. There may have been a little napping going on here and there too. I do have pictures but I also (unfortunately) made promises not to post them.

And here, the obligatory self-timed blurry family shots. It's the end of the day and Abby wouldn't let go of her balloon long enough to look at the camera but otherwise the only thing missing was The Daddy.

But we managed to get a glimpse of him for a few seconds on Skype.

He said he had a nice holiday with his coworkers. They had a potluck and he made pineapple stuffing too. It made the international rounds yesterday.

Though we certainly missed him here, he ran across a little "piece of home" in the Middle East and met up with a Sadie lookalike for an afternoon run. Said she followed him for a long time, managed to slow him down, curl up on his feet, and ascertain a belly rub in the hot desert sun. Not a bad way to give thanks, if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

We sure did have a great time at your lovely house :) <3

Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

I've just read through a bunch of posts and I'm
B) marveling each time I see that header picture. You look awesome. Single parenting agrees with your waistline mom. Silver Lining?

One Sided Momma said...

glad to hear it anonymommy. we were so happy to host you lovely people.

crk - if you think my waistline looks anything but "healthy" and junk above the trunk-ish then we definitely have different settings. however...deployment does do a jedi trick on the old appetite so hopefully the silver lining will come to fruition by the spring. :)