Saturday, January 9, 2010

What I Want to Remember When I'm 80

Really bad dancing and all.


Tracy G said...

You just can't help it, Martin Sexton makes you want to dance!!!! What a sexy voice. :-)

And Bah, on the "bad" dancing! It looked lovely and graceful and care free!

Way to go lady! Bravo on exposing the kiddies to GOOD music! LOL!


pajama mom said...

smooth moves, osma!

One Sided Momma said...

trace- i've missed you. next time you're at disney, take your laptop. kidding of course. take your iphone :) and you are correctomoondo w/the sexy voice of marty sexy-ton...he makes me want to well, dance badly. thank you for arguing w/that in your head and out loud and i appreciate your kindness!

pj- thank you too! i figured how much can you mess up circles but somehow i ended up body checking grayson (next clip, not shown) anyway. must've been the white socks and black pants. : )