Saturday, January 2, 2010

Big Red

Not sure why but this gives me a good feeling for the New Year. This big puff of lovely has taken a liking for our naked little tree in the back yard. I find him swooshing from the ground to the skeletal twiggy remains at least four times in one afternoon and just the sight of him makes me forget Christmas is over, my family members have traveled back to their respective homes, and my husband only has one more day of "vacation." Seeing his downy chest flicker in the wind reminds me that beauty is at my fingertips all the time...not only on holidays or special occasions. Now if I could coerce myself out of my comfy slippers we might be able to explore for more!


Cristie Ritz King said...

Yes! We had one of these on our windowsill during that ridiculous snow. It was literally a beacon of hope for this snow-hater. Bring on spring red robin (or cardinal-whatever that doesn't work as well!)

pajama mom said...

this looks just like the cover of the new llbean catalog!

great pic!

Jessica said...

Aren't they just gorgeous? I've always wondered how natural selection worked in their favor. Aren't they more obvious to predators glowing red like that? haha