Monday, January 18, 2010

Must Love Dogs

Ever since Grayson came along I've been uncharacteristically afraid of dogs. Sure, I was bitten twice in my life (and one time really badly on my backside!) but never was I attacked so severely that it was something to "get over," yet there I was - Miss former veterinarian's assistant - afraid of dogs. Mostly big dogs. That in and of itself isn't a huge problem. There aren't that many big dogs in the children's section at Target. It is, however, an issue when your mom happens to have two of the biggest available canine breeds (two Bull Mastiffs and one Great Dane) in her house. You can imagine how often I visit with my children. Close to never and that's nothing short of shameful. She, T and my little brother have been to see us more times than I can count already so it is high time I lose the dog phobia and get over myself!

And get over myself is exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago. I am pleased to show you pictures of my greatest personal feat this year. And I'm also pleased to inform you there weren't any hineys marred, chewed, or mauled in the making of this post. Just some very belated tummy rubs and lots of relief!

This big beautiful creature is Harry. I call him Harold even though that's not his full name. He is totally as sweet and lovable as he looks.

Here we have T showing me how unscary is the belly of Sir Harold.

and Hallelujah! I may be shaking like a leaf in October but once I made physical contact, I realized the fear was all in my head and Harry was not going to lurch toward my jugular like Edward Cullen (sigh) but instead is only interested in more snuggle time.

This is T's (handsome and very sweet himself) son who happens to be a Marine (we like that around here.) He just got back from many months in Afghanistan. Hoorah, baby. (His brother is in the National Guard and is currently in Iraq for another few months. Do they take after their dad -Ret. Col. in the Army or what?) A is loving on superdog Zeke who has a tendency to take you by the hand and lead you to the couch for more love sessions when he's ignored. Zeke, that is, not A although I'm sure some of the ladies out there wouldn't mind if it was A!

Here's a couple bonus pictures of our visit to my mom's house. I love being there and miss my mom, T, my brother, Harry, Zeke, Runtly (not shown) and other assorted creatures very much. It's good to go "home" and I'm so proud to know I'm no longer afraid to run with the big dogs!!

How cute is my brother?

How hot is my mom?

And of course, I have to throw in some sugarplums for good measure.

Nevermind that this one is about to play with that Plug-In on the wall.


pajama mom said...

my brother and his wife have a great dane, indiana jones, and he is probably the sweetest dog i have ever met.

yay you!

One Sided Momma said...

what a perfect name for a great dane and i've actually never met a mean one in my life.