Thursday, January 14, 2010

Evolution of a Double Portrait

This is what happens when I try to snap a photo of my two children. Not three. Not eight plus Kate with New Hair. Not even two with a hideaway canine. Just two little children with short legs and a small personal radius. I can't say for sure but I'd guess herding buffalo is easier and produces better results.

And behold the grand finale and my personal favorite.

(I'm going to get it Warholled. And then hang it above the fireplace because there is no sense in celebrating an anomalous perfect smile and sweet embrace of a Sears portrait when the true essence of our two bugbites (said with love) is right here: Prince of Quirkness meets OhTearyMe.)


Emily said...

I love that last one, it is classic.

One Sided Momma said...

emily - thank you! it would've been our christmas card had i not taken it in january. and thanks too, for leaving a comment.