Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pile On

I'm pretty sure this picture here defeats the purpose of owning a coat rack. Now the coat rack looks exactly as the hallway below it once did. Which was why I bought the little buggar in the first place. That would be negative Home Improvement points for me. Yep, same problem...just five feet higher. (Please notice the pitiful white and red fleece that is at the "bottom" of this jacket frenzy. Poor thing, at this rate, it will never see the light of February.)

P.S. The above picture compliments of our in house photographer, Grayson, or "GoldenEye" as I now like to call him.


Crystal D said...

I hung two rows of hooks in our entry way and somehow there is still no room for everything that needs to hang there.
In my next house I want a walk in closet in my foyer. LOL

One Sided Momma said...

walk in closet for the foyer is a brilliant idea; that should be standard! : )

Jessica said...

Well, are you like my sister who spent a whopping $150 on her fancy mid-century coat hanger that has as many (if not more) coats on it as yours?? hahaha

Ah, the young and frivolous (and upwardly mobile). hahaha