Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Reflections Cont'd

  • Sometimes bad things happen to really good people- friend in S.MD
  • Vampires are sexy- Stephanie Meyer
  • Contentment does not equal complacency- me (yay!)
  • Blogging is therapy- (internet bloggities)
  • Love is an empty sink and tidy living room- Husband
  • If kids are asking "those" questions then they are ready for "those" answers- John McClain
  • Great hugs are more memorable than good conversations- Uncle Jimmy
  • It's important to know your family history- PopPop
  • A card in the mail is worth three on the internet- CRK
  • Simple is often better- Husband
  • Children are little so bend (literally & figuratively) - Grayson, Abigail and other Tinies I've had the fortune to hang with over the year.
Thanks for reading...I'd love to hear what your reflections are too, whether they are old or new!


pajama mom said...

one of our favorites,
"there's always a wild card."

we never know who it's going to be, but it always surprises us and keeps us on our toes. the baby? the boy? who's it gonna be? who's gonna lose it?

p.s. and yes, sometimes the wild card is ME.

One Sided Momma said...

i get that b/c unfortunately in our family, often times the wild card is me.