Monday, January 4, 2010

Along the Way

No New Year's Resolutions for me because I tend to rebel instead of embrace. Instead, I give you:
Old Year's Reflections

2009- Things I Learned Along the Way (and Their Unlikely Sources):

  • Get up and try again with a smile on your face- Abby
  • Be nicest to those closest to you- Grayson
  • Being loyal is always charming- Sadie
  • Value "Me" time- Husband
  • Drink more wine- Nonie (my mom)
  • Drink less coffee- my insomnia
  • Assume people will like you and they will - a little book I bought in the "inspirational" section at supermarket
  • Never assume a person is a person's job- Former Navy Seal check out guy at very same supermarket
  • Don't rush through life, especially the lives of your children- all my fellow mommy blogger friends (thank you.)
  • Do take lots of pictures - Christie Pecor
  • Work hard and have really cool toys to play with when it's time to play- Eric Pecor
  • Make time for a cup of cocoa with an old and dear friend - Kathleen
  • Plan well for your future - Aunt Jen
  • Don't deny yourself your own musical tastes. Especially when that happens to also coincide with your own passion. - Cris & A.Wendler
  • Really listen and respond accordingly- Steve (my dad aka: Gpa T)
  • Teamwork is best - The Wonder Pets
  • Nobody really prefers salad- PopPop (my dad)
  • Food prepared with love always tastes good -MiMi, Nammy & Pop
  • Make time for your family even when it's inconvenient - Uncle Donnie & Uncle Alex
  • Ask for help when you need it - Peter Mayhew (Anissa's incredible husband)
  • Make yourself the journey- Jessica
  • Be unpredictable but lovely- PJMom
  • Get sideways and enjoy the view- not gonna rat them out but they know who they are :)
  • Take more sunbaths- Sadie
  • You have superpowers- Grayson
  • Everything's funny-Abby
If you did not find your name on this list, please visit tomorrow as I did not even scratch the surface with these top 26 (or so?). Now, however, I must turn off the TV that has entertained a little boy who really wants to make cookies and a little girl who wouldn't mind one bit to eat them all in one sitting.


Jessica said...

Wow, I don't even know what to say to "Make yourself the journey." Thank you so much for that. I have tears in my eyes.

Thank you.

pajama mom said...

thanks for the shout,
and i'm pretty sure
i love nonie.

One Sided Momma said...

J & PJMom- you're certainly welcome. now you know how others see you :)

Cristie Ritz King said...

There is something wrong with my feeder so I haven't seen anything of yours until today. This post is awesome. I love each one of them and I am glad to have a tiny imprint on your heart because you have taught me most of what I know about being authentic and true-my most valuable knowledge to date.
Also, I am glad to know it is true that no one really prefers salad.;)