Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Surprise Birthday Party

I had big plans of posting about our Memorial Day weekend.  There were going to be stories about berry picking, pretending to be Isabelle Allende at La Caraquena in Falls Church on an impromptu date with my husband, and squishing myself into a bathing suit that also doubles as a tourniquet for my neck.   (So not a summer girl.) 

Those are stories I will tell you before too long but...

...someone wasn't feeling well at school today.

...so someone else had to be picked up early too.

And then the first someone perked right up 15 minutes after being home.

So the second someone demanded a birthday party for her baby girl, B.

 B is a favorite who has been missing from Abby's clutches for a few days.  Her brother found her which sounds suspect if you ask me but nobody cares because evidently she is back just in time for her birthday.

Of course you can't have a birthday without a cake.


We used my grandma's plug-in General Electric beater that smells like oil smoke the minute you hit "whip."  It needs to retire but I can't seem to let her rest her weary legs quite yet.

My favorite is that it makes a heart shape in the batter no matter how fast or slow you go.

And what's a party without friends perched precariously on door handles, atop birdseed, or inside a wheel barrow?

(Tillie wonders what kind of fraternity house she got herself into.)

So the stories of adulthood must wait for another day.

For you see, it's B's birthday.

 And birthdays are always more fun when nobody sees them coming.


Anonymous said...

Love this. Glad Baby "B" was found in time for her party. The drawer in G's room appears highly suspicious...:) <3 <3

Anna See said...

these are wonderful stories of a terrific childhood!

Lynn said...

OH! howI wish there were blogs and digital cameras when my chiders were little!
Y are building a great memory book!

OSMA said...

Anony- yes, he knew too much :). <3. thanks for pushing through google to comment.

Anna- thank you. i leave out all the parts where i cry and beg them to stop with the sprinkles. (Also, I've been drafting a comment to your last post eleventy thousand times. wiling myself to hit publish tonight. xoxo

Lynn- it's a blessing more than a curse for sure but oh man can one get carried away. i sometimes walk away from my with my camera like it's a jar of Oreos. thanks for calling it a memory book because that's how i see it too.

JRitz said...

Happy Birthday to Baby "B":) It looked like a great party.

The Palmer Family said...

The party looked so fun! Looked like a great day.