Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wild Rumpus

Forgot to tell you.


We got a trampoline!

 It's what we do instead of  yell at each other after 3pm.

Sadly, there is an (unspoken) age limit and I have been punished twice for ignoring it:  
once for motion sickness, then again for brain sloshing.  

Also?  I would strongly recommend against criss-cross applesauce landings.

Unless your orthopedic surgeon can see you on emergencies.

But my oh my do the kids love to bounce.

And then turn all Lord of the Flies on each other when they get too hot for clothes.

Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

(Thank you, Maurice Sendak, you were the reason none of us could sleep at night when we were six.  
And we loved every single second of it.)


JRitz said...

Love, love, love the no shirt policy:) I pretty much lived on a trampoline when I was younger. So much fun.

OSMA said...

JRitz - It might get a little dicey with adults but no shirts allowed keeps us all hydrated ;)

Did you guys have one in your yard too?

My best friend did and when we'd ahem, not attend school that day, we'd go "trampolizing" on her trampoline. Agreed, so much fun!

JRitz said...

My friends had one in their yard. Our yard had the hill for sleding in the winter.