Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Flying Tillie

Usually my dreams tell me things I need to hear.  Last night's dreams were relentless in their messages and plum wore me out so much I overslept and got Grayson to school late this morning. 

Here's the end of the fishtail I can remember:

  • Andy and I were planning on leaving without the kids for a day trip to ???  
  • The kids were too small to leave but I couldn't do the math well enough to figure this out (Do they not have babysitters in Dreamville?)
  • The "house" we lived in was maybe twenty stories of unfurnished space
  • As I doubled back to check house for dangers (but oh wait, NOT the immediate danger of leaving children under age 6 in a house without parents), I saw a humongous cloud levitate to the seventh story bathroom window.  It had a black lab face with a dog body but silky raven wings.  
  • It startled me but I went to the window to talk to it anyway
  • Its message wasn't clear 
  • I ran toward the door to tell Andy I couldn't leave because there was a flying Tillie hovering above near the bathroom and it needed to tell me something

There was more but the other dreams swam away into the morning light before I could catch them.

Thank goodness for the Flying Tillie babysitting me through the windows of our twenty story apartment without couches or tables.  Otherwise my kids would've been left all alone in a tall house without a mom who is really bad at math.


Lynn said...

Hilarious! I wrote my dreams down for about two months and I almost had myself a really funny book written!

OSMA said...

Thanks, Lynn. I bet you did have a funny book written, I've read your blog, dig 'em out and publish!

(We had to keep a dream log in a writing course years ago and my dreams got so vivid I "learned" I'd struggle in Vet school so should pursue a Creative Writing degree instead. Sometimes I want to tell my dreams to have more faith in me :)