Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Fun List

Came across my husband's Fun List the other day.  

Definitely a great grouping of things.  An extremely adventurous cool manly-man Bear Grylls list that makes me want to shower and then immediately nap by item number 5.

Sadly, his Fun List consists of everything mine doesn't.

Here's a glimpse with some italicized fillers to protect his privacy:
  1. Hike hut to hut XYZ in Northeast Range
  2. Houseboat on Lake LaLaLa
  3. Bike the Great Something Passage
  4. Backpack/Fish BlueberryTreetops
  5. Catamaran Trip in ABC Islands
  6. Teton Traverse/Climb Grand Wabalooba
  7. Snowmobile Somewhere Insanely Dangerous Out West with Tons of Trees

I don't yet have a Fun List but if I did I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have the words, "hut, climb or traverse" on it.

Wonder who he plans on taking on all these adventures?  I nominate Abby.  She's game for everything.  All the time.  Especially the climb and traverse part.

So it got me thinking if I were to think up Fun List, what would it be?
  1. Learn to play guitar
  2. Take a welding class
  3. See Nepal, real prayer flags, monasteries
  4. Photography walkabout with expert
  5. Walk around Nova Scotia, Australia, a volcano, or the Sistine Chapel
  6. Go on "Artist's Retreat" where we eat crunchy whole food and probably make candles
  7. Build a sound proof recording studio in my home
Hey.  Did you notice most of my items can be accomplished from a chair?

Especially this one:

Look, you guys, I got a new guitar!!!  (Not the pink one.  This house isn't big enough for two pink guitars.)

An early Mother's Day gift was given to me by my uber generous husband and incredibly sweet family on Sunday night.  Grayson first brought in four colorful picks insisting they were the gift and how "sorry I am you did not get a new guitar -only these four picks, do you like the red one? and Oh, lookit what is Daddy  holding?"

I'm not sure who was eating a smirk worse, Grayson or my husband.  Abby was just giggling outward and scaling the bedboards.

They brought it wrapped in a soft black case and I shrieked like a five year old at the ticket eater in Chuck E. Cheese.  A brand new guitar!  A sexy little acoustic six-string with a thin neck and I am in L-U-V.  I even stare at it from my bed at night wishing it would leap into my arms and sing me to sleep.

(We have a ways to go before any singing along can happen.  Mama's still learning bar chords.  That pesky  Bminor makes me want to duct tape D-G.)

So, your impromptu Fun List:  What's your number one, two, and three?  If you can do them from a chair, I'm in.  Unless you want to go to Nepal.  I'm willing to strap on the hiking boots for Nepal. But not the retreat.  We're going shoeless there, you guys. Candles, granola bars, and yoga.  No shoes required.

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