Monday, May 21, 2012


So, wow. 

THAT was a big weekend.

We had a road trip to PA, snuck in a double date night with the siblings, attended a family reunion on Saturday, and somehow miraculously were not late to a birthday party (back in VA) on Sunday, 

Today instead of tending to the tedious life of housework, we spent all day having a lunch date which proved to be just as much fun for me as it was the kids.  I got to know a super nice new mom friend who felt more like an old buddy after a few minutes of chatting.  We have more in common than I initially thought we might.  
That never happens.  I'm so in my head all the time that conversations don't run smoothly for me.  Or they do and I just think they don't because I'm second guessing every busy syllable as its shooting out of my pie-hole.

Here are a few highlights of the weekend without the wordy wordshow to go with it.  Let me know if you need further descriptors to figure out where we are, who we are standing next to, or exactly what Abby is doing with her feet.  You'll see...

How was your weekend?

No, really.  How was it?  I am much more at ease chatting with you through a computer screen vs. real life and yes, I do care how your weekend was especially if you're taking your time to click in and see how ours might have been.  Hope yours was good and included a garage ballet performance too.

Le Weekend; DAY ONE:  Road trip to PA, dinner out with sis and bro-in law and their eldest.  No pics because we were sprinting out the door sans amoebae children and I practically forgot my purse, let alone my camera.

DAY TWO:  Family Reunion:

 Andy's aunt and cousins who I happen to think I might belong to in a previous life.  
I'm happy to reunite with them again.  
700 years is a really long time to wait.

 "Aunt J" helping Abby decorate cupcakes

Aunt J was visiting from Europe where she and her husband are soon to be the proud owners of their own bakery in France. (See what I mean?  We belong...!)
Yes, I am dusting passports to visit them soon.

 Abby picking out which cupcake she will eat first, second, third, and when I wasn't looking, a fourth!  
Carrot cake, so no damage done.

Grayson learned how to play badminton.  
Andy learned how to find lost birdies in pachysandra.

This may be the funniest picture I've ever taken.  

That is my husband hiding from the kids as they played "Sardines" wherein the first child who finds him remains there too.  
This process repeats itself with the rest of the kids until there is only one person remaining who is now looking for all the "sardines" instead of just one lonely creeper man balled up under a table. 

I love this game just for the bounty of this picture alone.  

The sibs had lots of catching up to do...


 ...but not before the ballet dance recital in the garage.  
The formal ballerinas gave a performance and then offered lessons to the little novice ballerina who had stars in her eyes when they sashayed through the air in their socks.

 Thankfully, having only bare feet did not stop her from trying new moves.

And a few old ones too. 
We all enjoyed the show very much.

 Even the canine representative.

 These ladies missed the show entirely as they were left behind to sulk for the day.  All had long walks but we still got the cold shoulder upon our thoughtless human return.

 An excellent reunion it was but as we know, all good things must come to an end.

Especially when a sleepy Abigail can no longer stand on her own ballerina feet.

DAY THREE: Garage sale!  You know I cannot let a neighborhood garage sale pass me by.  While everyone else was hiking or doing self-enrichment type healthy things, I traipsed up one street with Sadie and down the other side with Sadie and this here bigass plastic table.  Let me tell you how sexy I looked walking with that hunk-o-love hoisted high on my hip.  Catcall City.  Meee-ow.  Nevermind that it took me thirty minutes to walk past twelve houses.  I'm willing to block that load of embarrassment out forever for 7 dollars. 7 dollars!

DAY THREE in VA IMMEDIATELY following a FIVE hour ROAD TRIP:   Bday Party Time:

 I am ready to fire my secretary but the children didn't seem to notice we had done Disney World in 80 hours so whatever.

NIGHT THREE:  Husband who might be a robot goes grocery shopping at 8pm.  But leaves me this love note while I'm on the phone solidifying playdate plans for THE NEXT MORNING!

We are insane but I love every exhausting minute of it.

We consider it bonding time.

And that's never a bad thing.


Lynn said...

My goodness! Our families are so much alike! Right down to the schnauzer EXCEPT that We are much farther along in the age scale. My girl and boy are in their 40's! But I am still going to see if I can talk them in to a game of sardine. Bet I can!

Monica said...

I spent 3.5 hours on Saturday doing Emily's hair for the prom while Zach spent all day judging the tae kwon do tournament. I met him there when it was over and chatted with a few people for a little while and we all went to dinner with Jerry. Yesterday we ran the warrior dash (parking, checking in, running, getting hosed off, and changing took something like 4 hours) and we watched a movie together. Zach took off today and we went berry picking, repotted seedlings, did lots of laundry, ran a few errands, cleaned up from the second worm holocaust, played with the kids, and made dinner. We had a great weekend too.

OSMA said...

Lynn: That is so cool, must be a reason we found each other's blogs! AND you know Sardines? I'd bet it's much more fun for "kids" in their forties, if my husband is any indication...we are almost forty ourselves.

Monica: You WERE busy! Love reading about your weekend, I can picture it perfectly right down to stained fingertips from picking berries. How's Jerry? Did Emily have fun at her prom? The warrior dash looks insane but very fun, how many miles? And lastly, i know its wrong but worm holocaust made me laugh.

OSMA said...

Gah, *it's....little keyboard.

Monica said...

I think Emily did have fun. I posted a gross picture of her kissing her boyfriend so that you could see what I spent all the time on. Jerry is doing well. He's his insane busy self as usual. Zach is actually working on his second degree now (he decided he wanted to all these years after getting his black). We have a worm factory and for whatever reason it goes sooooo well and then they dive out of the bin in mass number because apparently I'm committing some extermination in there that I don't know about. I think I got it right because none dived out last night or this morning. Either that or I sufficiently trapped them in there to die. I don't know which yet. I'll get the worms right some day.

Monica said...

Oh, and the warrior dash is a 5k with lots of hills and obstacles.