Monday, May 7, 2012

Listen to Your Mother Cliffhanger

How fitting that every time I sit down to write about attending a reading yesterday called Listen to Your Mother, I am interrupted to microwave Pop-Tarts, clean up dog throw-ups (it's bunny poop/Giardia season), and wash bedsheets that have yet again been the victims of a Little Pull-Up That Just Couldn't.  A camel my son is not.

My Mom earth doesn't stop rotating.  None of our Mom earths do.

And now with only minutes before waking the Blond Ambition to get her dressed to drive a blueberry mustached boy to preschool, the story must wait to be told. Which is probably for the best because yesterday was a day of magic and you will not believe how it ends.  Will not believe it.

I'm talking Mystical City with a side of WTF.

Which is why I detoured straight off to Rite Aid, bought a disposable camera and drove back to document the entire bouquet of amazement.

An incredible end to a day filled with moms I had the honor to listen to, especially my own.  On the beltway.  While she hit her imaginary brake and clutched at the emergency exit.  I love you, Mom.

So come back in a couple hours to read all about it.  Trust me, the ending is worth the wait.


Anna See said...

oh my! can't wait! sooooooo very glad you were there. xo

OSMA said...

anna, be prepared to have your socks blown off. still waiting to pick up the pics from "One-Hour" photo lab at 2:00. i'm still not sure last night was real.

p.s. you rocked the house yesterday. did you hear two obnoxiously loud "Whooo-hooooots!" from the waaaaaay back (aisle) seats? that was me. am still bleeding where my teeth were clamped down so hard. can't cry in front of my mom. you were like this little mighty force of beaming light. seriously, awesome job (& super cute top)!