Sunday, May 13, 2012

On Mother's Day

She made me feel like a calm, understanding, patient mom.

 Sadie, our first born

They make me act like a neurotic, obsessive, excessively impatient mom.

Abby & her Grayson

He shoulders the burden of me being an exhausted, cranky, devoid-of-love-and-understanding-by-Friday mom.

I'm afraid it's gonna take more than that shirt, Honey.

She made me a mom for the last time.

 (Our sweet Tillie Tillie Bang Bang)

But this is what makes me try to be the best mom I can be 

We adore you, Anna and are with you on this day that is hopefully filled with an abundance of love and faith in whatever form they make their way to you.  Be it rare birds, soothing sunsets, or Yankee jerseys in the grocery line, we are thinking of you and your beautiful family and crossing fingers for signs that Jack is near.

***And because I need medication, have a hard time letting things go I went back today to look for Elvis in hopes to give Anna a picture of this rare bird for Mother's Day.  No such luck.  Elvis had flown the coop.  But after circling this spot for the third time - ready to head home, as this place of magic and mystery would have it, I received a consolation prize on Mother's Day. 

Two of them actually.

In the exact same spot I found Elvis last weekend.

I realize two deer do not equal one exotic bird but still, what are the odds these two would cross just as I drove up looking for something else?

Truly...Nothing is impossible with God.

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