Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tree College

Last night I fell asleep before reaching for the remote. Oh BRAVO, you really aren't worth it, are you?

An accidental 8 hours of sleep.  It felt like 5 minutes.  

Doesn't it make you wonder just what the heck happens to your brain and body while you sleep?  Don't you wish the more tired you were the longer your sleep felt?  Sometimes I like to believe my mind is totally separate from my body.  That I can abuse one without it having any negative recourse on the other.  But it's universally untrue... You must pay homage to both, at the same time.  Or at least the same week if you're snacking on edamame and carrot sticks while ignoring your electronics.

One way I keep a positive outlook when my body is feeling old and my mind is wearing bifocals is to go outside and look up.  To physically walk my body outdoors and physically turn my head toward the sky.

It works every time. 

During a minor mommy meltdown over silverware or something equally benign and projected upon, I forced myself outside on a cold fall night and brought my chin to the sky.  


Just like that I was small again as were my problems.  We both shrunk wee beneath black tree trunks towering:  older, wiser, working tirelessly to keep roots firmly planted with nothing but a dark cloud as a blanket and a full moon as a nightlight.

I can learn a lot from a tree.


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