Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doctor Doctor

I am balls to the walls today, you guys. Taking both kids for their flu shots after they've both been to preschool (and one started a new activity this afternoon, Booyah!).

Annnnnnd, doctor's website indicates they are all out of the nasal, so we all know what that means. Tears, guilt, the innocent steadfast trust Abby has for me shattered to bits the second needle meets tender girl arm. Oh but I hope definitely a snugglefest on the couch when we get home too. If they'll have me. Which I'm sure Abby will not. She holds grudges. Fool her once....

Wish us luck.

Fevers by 5pm, what do you think? Probabaly ham steak is out of the question then. It'll be tea, cookies, and long naps for dinner.

I've done this for five years straight and it does not get any easier. It's like Bocce or Hip Hop class or something.

If you are looking for me tonight, I'll be the one kicking myself black and blue quietly in my closet. Let me be, it's better than seeing Abby's hurt eyebrows wondering if maybe she is being raised by wolves.

So tell me, because misery loves company, what is something unfun you must do today?


4:50pm Update

Click here to see what not to do to your children.

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