Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In the Pink

My poor mom got a tomboy when I was born. 

Not for lack of trying.  When I was a baby she dressed me in sweet frilly dresses.  She bought me dolls and  Barbies. She curled my hair, shopped for pink things, and let me play with her make-up.

Somewhere along the way though I chose mud pies over dolls.   Stuffed animals were lauded over Barbies never taken out of the box.  I stopped wearing my hair in curls and sported a face full of stringy black hair most of my life because I could not be bothered with a brush or a barrette.  My ultra stylish mom's dream of a feminine little girl who wore dresses, played with dolls, collected Barbies went down the rabbit hole the day I took over my brother's Adidas wardrobe.  Including his knee high socks.

And then Abby was born.

The child who refuses to own anything if it's not pink.  The one who makes us late to preschool because she is putting on yet another necklace or bracelet.  She already knows which shoes are fall and which are summer.  I have to ask her if it's okay to wear dangly earrings with yoga pants.  (It's not.)

She does have a fearless tomboy streak running through her but if that football isn't pink she will not even consider trying to catch it.

So, Mom,  You had to wait for it but here it is.

For Thanksgiving I present to you your girly girl.  The girl you deserved to get thirty-some years ago.  I present to your Princess who is now surrounded by an entire new Princess bedroom set.  It is absolutely more pink than I can stomach but she loves it so.


This child is all girl and I have no idea what to do with it.  I should've paid more attention when you were trying to teach me.  I should've known I'd be blessed by a creature who requires lipgloss, tea parties, and Princess dress up all before 7am.

But don't worry, she is patiently teaching me everything she knows.

And I am learning slowly, how to embrace the girl in me too.

I guess Grayson will have to find another use for his Adidas socks.  It does not appear we will have a use for them here.


Julie, an official blogger... said...

Send her to my house. Audrey's room is like a big bottle of Pepto Bismol.

OSMA said...

She should be there UPS by Mon. Morning. Okay, maybe we will hold off since you are busy with your TWO back at home!!! Yay!! I'm still celebrating :) xoxoxo

OSMA said...

Two girls I mean to say, I k ow you have four children people and dog people and cat people.